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Domain Name Availability Check & Registration

Website Domain Name Registration @ Low Cost Rs. 99/-

449 Offer Price 99/-*
549 Offer Price 399/-*
449 Offer Price 349/-*
1099 Offer Price 959/-*

Domains & Prices

Domain Registration Price For First Year Renewal Price / Year Transfer Price / Year
.com.in 449 Offer Price: 99 * 449 349
.in 549 Offer Price: 399 * 549 399
.com 959 959 829
.co.in 449 Offer Price: 349 * 449 299
.ai.in 449 Offer Price: 349 * 449 299
.net 1150 Offer Price: 1129 * 1150 1129
.org 1399 Offer Price: 999 * 1399 1399
.org.in 449 Offer Price: 349 * 449 299
.net.in 449 Offer Price: 349 * 449 299
.biz.in 449 Offer Price: 349 * 449 299
.travel.in 449 Offer Price: 349 * 449 299
.business.in 449 Offer Price: 349 * 449 299
.info.in 449 Offer Price: 349 * 449 299
.uk 800 800 800
.co.uk 800 800 800
.live 3299 Offer Price: 449 * 3299 399
.us 849 Offer Price: 800 * 849 800
NB: Offer Price applicable for first year domain registration. ● GST(18%) will be applicable for domain Registration,Renew,Transfer.

Low Cost Domain Name Registration In India

InfoSky Solutions is a cost effective Domain Name Registration Company in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, provides Top Level Domains like .com, .org, .net at very low cost. Now Indian domains like .in, .co.in are very much popular in India and we are a leading vendor of IN registry domains.

So we offer Indian domains with great discount. We are authorized domain seller from ICANN and InRegistry accredited registrar. We have own infrastructure and strong technical support team to register and maintain domains. Now we are maintaining 2500+ domains at our system.

Why Us for Domain Registration?

  • Low cost for any Top Level Domain(TLD) and .in Domain
  • Easy to Transfer and Move Domain
  • No Hidden cost for Renewal
  • No Hidden Terms and Conditions for discount
  • Easy and Smooth control panel
  • Powerful Whois checking Tools
  • Full Access is provided at the time of Registration via email
Domain Name Registration
Reviews on Domain Registration

What Our Clients think

First we say, This offer valid only for first year so beware about this offer, before purchasing a domain, please check their renewal price, terms and conditions. Many company offer domain at low price for first year registration. But their renewal price is too high and they lock domain for two or more years. So you can not transfer domain to another provider in this locking period.
No, Minimum registration period is 1 year and Maximum 10 Years. It is international rule for major popular domains.
Yes, We have no terms and conditions for domain transfer. As per domain registrant rule, first month is locking period. After one month you can transfer the domain to any domain provider as you wish.
No, we hate hidden terms and conditions. If you check our domain price list, There are renewal and Transfer price column. So there is no confusion for renewal and transfer price.
First year is treated as registration period, and rest years are treated as renewal period. So your domain price will be 339+510+510=1359/-
We expect the price will remain unchanged if dollar price is not increased extremely and if domain registry increase the price then we have nothing to do.
Yes, You can purchase only domain. There is no terms and conditions.
You do not have to remember rather we will alert you by email and by phone before renewal date. Our team alwayas active about our customer's domain renewal.
We do not register domain name for any kind of illegal activities.
After getting full amount for domain registration, the domain name will be registered within 2 hours ( Within office hours).
Our Clients
west bengal state council of technical education
metro railway kolkata
shapoorji pallonji
asansol durgapur police commissionerate
techno india group
sobisco biscuits
sidho kanho birsha university
S and IB
Ranaghat SDO
power grid
malda sdo sadar
visva bharati university
Bhandari Automobile
adhunik industries
keya seth

Reliable and Affordable Domain Registration Company in India

InfoSky Solutions is one of the leading Domain provider in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Indore, Thane, Bhopal, Vadodara, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Agra, Nashik who provides Domain at low cost. InfoSky Solutions have strong technical team for properly support customers. We also provide very easy and flexible control panel to transfer and move your domains.

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is your web address and it directs your website just like you have a physical address for your brick and mortal store and people come in your store based on your store address.

So, when people will type your web address (Domain Name) in the address bar of browser, your site gets opened and they will find your business via your website easier and faster.

A registered domain name is unique in web world and can not be used by anyone just like a street address in the physical world.

Back end of Domain Name

Our computer or network system knows only IP. Each Computer, server, Network device in the internet identified with IP. When a website hosted on a server, website can be accessed by IP. But it is not user friendly and too tough to remember it. To solve the issue, Domain name is used. Each domain have IP at back end.

DNS (Domain Name System which is also known as Internet Phonebook) that converts IP into the easy to remember domain name.

Domain Name Rules and Regulations?

What are the rules and restrictions for registering domain names?

Domain names can only use letters (a to z), numbers(0 to 9), and ( - ) hyphens. No other characters are allowed. Example: mydo-main.com, mydo-main123.com.

  • Hyphens cannot be used at the beginning or end of the domain name.
  • You can't use a domain name that is already in use.
  • Domain names are not case sensitive. e.g. www.mydomain.com is the same as MyDomain.com.
  • Domain Name Length: Minimum length of domain name is 3 characters and maximum length 63 characters.
You are strongly advised not to register a domain name that might be in breach of another company's trademark, unless you can prove that you have the right to do so.

Why Domain Name is required for your Business?

Domain name is essential for business

If this is the first time you are taking your business online and you are told to find a suitable domain name for your business, it may sound wired to you. you can say, “I have a name of my business and brand, my business sells great, earns great, and people know my physical store well. Then what is that domain name and why should I have it?” it is normal to people who come across the word “Domain Name”. Let me make it clear to you.

Domain name is your web address and it directs your website; just like you have a physical address for your brick and mortal store and people come in your store based on your store address. So, when people will type your web address (Domain Name) in the address bar; your site gets opened and they will find your business via your website easier and faster.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

Domain name selection

You should choose a domain that is easy to remember and easy to spell for all. If you customers and visitors on website can name and spell you memorize your name then they can get easily connected to your business and product. Even, they can spread your business and product among others if they can remember it all the time. so, if you are thinking of creating a new website for your new or existing business or you are going to publish a blog then you should take care of,

  • Go Short: It is always better to choose a domain name that is short and simple. Short is always better to a long domain name. Try to keep the name of your domain in between 6 to 14 characters. It works the best.
  • Easy to Spell: A domain name which is easy to spell is better for people to remember you. The more people can spell your domain name easily the more they visit your site without making any mistake.
  • Make it Easy to Type: Yes, you need to keep in mind the user-friendliness of typing your domain name. If it is easy to type and you’re your will not face any problem and land on your website without any typographical error.
  • Easy to Utter/Pronounce: Choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce. It will help your users and visitors to remember your brand and business easily and they can spread among many faster.
  • Easy & Popular Domain Extension: You should choose a domain extension that is easy as well as popular. You can choose domain extensions like .com, .in, .org, .co.in, or .net as these are easy to remember.
  • Match Your Brand/Company: It is your domain name that helps you visitors to remember you. Hence, if you choose a domain that is the same as your brand or company name then it will be the best. For example, if you sell wearable goods or eatable good or anything else and your brand name is “Quality” or “Premium” then you can choose your domain name like quality.in or quality.com or quality.net, or premium.in, premium.com, or premium.net, and so on. it will help your potiential visitors to remember you and your products easily.
  • Use Niche Keyword: You can use a niche keyword (keyword that predicts your service or product) as your domain name. it will provide a good idea of your company and services to your customers. Let’s say, you are selling shoes for a long time then you can choose domain like “bookmyshoe” or “buyurshoe” or “shopurshoe”.

Important things you need to remember in time of choosing domain name,

  • It is better if you avoid hyphen or numeric in your domain name.
  • Don’t choose the name as your domain name that is already in use by others.
  • Check the domain name availability before you choose your one.

What Are the Differences Between Domain and Subdomain?

So, you have gathered an idea about domain and know why a business needs to have a domain. Do you have any idea of a Subdomain? If no then let me clear it for you. Subdomain cannot standalone. It is the part or the add-on to your primary domain.

For instance, if you have a domain like Lucybusiness.com then your Subdomain can be like
blog.luckybusiness.com or shop.luckybusiness.com.

And the difference in between domain and subdomain is too easy. Let me make it easier for you all,

  • You cannot have a subdomain until and unless you have a primary domain.
  • Primary domain standalones but subdomain needs its primary domain to stand on the web.
  • You can create numerous or better to say unlimited subdomains under the primary or main domain. But, your primary domain is one and only in number.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Unique Domain Name?

Unique domain name is the best for Business

To relieve you from the further consequences and confusion, let us see how a unique domain name helps your business online.

  • Adds Credibility: Whether your business is small, medium or large. A Unique domain adds trustworthiness to your business. it shows confident and inspires your customers to believe in it to purchase, take service or to place an order from your site. it showcases your efforts making your business visible to your customers.
  • Create Online Brand Awareness: A unique and easy to remember and spell domain name helps increasing the brand awareness among people that know your business and new to your business. When your domain name matches the business name or company name you have, it helps reinforcing your brand better than before. It helps your customers to remember your business easily and return to your time and again.
  • Get Known Soon: When you domain name matches your company name or name of business, it helps your customers to remember you easily. Even your customers pass it along to friends, colleagues, relatives and others via frequent conversations if your domain name is easy to memorize.
  • Get Improved Traffic: If your customers can name and spell your domain easy and fast, they will type it directly on the browser and reach your site quickly. It generates hits for your site as well as your site will gain traffic easier more than before.
Bottom line is, your domain helps to create a robust online presence and the outcome goes higher when the domain name is easier to spell, quick to memorize, and unique in style. Call to Infosky Solutions if you want to have a unique domain name now!

How to Register a Domain Name?

First You have to check availability of your desire domain through our website link https://www.infoskysolutions.com/domain.php , If available the domain, then you can order the domain for registration and pay through debit card, credit card. There is offline option to pay through net banking or cash deposit.

How to pay?
There are offline (Net Banking, Cash Deposit ) and Online(Debit card, Credit card, UPI ) both options, You can choice as you like.

How to renew domain?
Our autometric system will send reminder mail to you for renew. Also our executive will call and mail you for renew. Renew and payment process described at mail. If there is any confusion, you can directly call executive.

How to transfer domain?
If you transfer your domain from another provider to us or vice versa, call to our customer care, they will guide you.

Is .in Domain good for business?
Yes, .in is pure Indian domain and It’s popularity gradually increase. You can register domain for your business.

How to link Domain with hosting?
Insert name servers at the domain control panel, then host the domain at hosting server. Our support team will guide the full process of domain registration and hosting.

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