You Too Can Make A Perfect Domain Registration For Your Dream Business

The opportunity of earning money in the E-Commerce business has increased amazingly. This has been the main reasons for people thronging in this business and there is already a large queue having millions and millions of people for Domain Registration, aspiring to open their Websites to become proud owner of business and to make a hefty profit. However like any other avenues of earning quick money, the business of domain registration is also haunted by the predominance of swindlers who adopt immoral, deceitful ways to extract money from the naive customers, luring them either with wrong information or inveigling the hapless customers by suppressing relevant information.

Though the governing body ICANN has come down heavily to stop these malpractices, and have tried to bind the Registrars and other functionaries operating for domain registration, it is the unscrupulous Domain Registrars who find innovative ways to ensnare the customers and practically pilfer their hard earned money. Therefore, it is in your interest, that you should know what is right and what is wrong for your domain name registration to protect your Domain getting exploited and literally sabotaged. Let us try earnestly to help you in this regard.

Check Expiration Date of Domain in WHOIS Data after Domain Registration:

Many a times, the domain registering company can convince you to register your Domain for a long period, say 5 years or 10 years assuring you of best services for the registered years. However, by doing such domain registration it may so happen you are providing your Domain Registrar an interest free loan for a large amount. The Domain Registrar can actually pay the registration fee for one year only and can renew the registration after expiry of one year

Also a dishonest domain provider may use a clause of “No Refund” in the agreement. This clause may be introduced by this malicious Registrar to pocket your money for the remaining period of registration fees, in case you choose to change the Registrar. He may also make your life miserable or literally force you to change the Registrar, by providing very bad service for your Domain after certain time of your domain registration. As and when you opt for changing the Registrar, you will not get back the money for the remaining years of registration fees you have paid in this case. It is suggested that you should visit the site of ICANN and seek the services of WHOIS look up tool to verify for the actual period of registration of your Domain and to check whether it matches with the Registration fee you have paid the Domain Registrar.

The Domain Registrar May Occupy Your Domain Illegally:

There are types of fake domain booking company available who can actually put the details of themselves in the privacy setting of your Domain. This can be really dangerous for you. Your ownership of the Domain will no longer be valid and the Registrar can manipulate the functioning of your Domain at his will.

You should remember that when you complete your domain registration, you become the legal owner of the Domain in the eyes of ICANN and the Registry. But in this case, you can not fight the case legally also, as the Registration has been deceitfully transferred in the name of the Domain Registrar.

Therefore, it is imperative that you take due care to protect yourself from falling prey to these crooked domain registrars even you get cheapest domain registration.

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