You Should Review These Procedures For Your Domain Registration

You might have considered several options for registering your Domain. So many offers have been received by you from various sources available for domain registrations. But have you checked the options carefully? If you have not, it is high time that you should review all the salient points for proper Domain Registration to avoid any chance of committing fatal mistake which may be difficult to correct in future. A few key points are brought to your notice which needs to be taken care before venturing for a new domain registration.

Read ICANN Rules Carefully:

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers abbreviated as ICANN have some laid down procedures which is a must to follow for all persons who want to register his Domain or Domains. The procedure talks about the rules a Registrant need to follow for domain name registration. Fulfilling the criteria of WHOIS data and submitting the details to a Registrar is the most important part of registering Domain. The procedures also state clearly the duties and responsibilities of a Registrar and the authority of a Registrar. ICANN also creates provision for domain registration resellers who will be reporting to the Domain Registrars. There is mention about the functioning of Registry also who maintains the details of WHOIS data Registry. All these factors are to be studied and understood in detail before taking up the activity of domain registration.

The Period Of Registration:

Another important aspect is to decide the period for which you intend to do your domain registration. Normally domain registration can be done from 1 to 10 years. You may register your domain for longer period if you think that your domain will be successful and you will want to continue your business with the same domain name. The advantage of domain registration for a longer period is that it will be cheaper and also you will not be required to remember the date of renewal frequently. However if you feel, that yours will be a short term business or if you want to migrate to aan altogether new business, you may register your domain for a shorter period.

Have Secured Payment Gateway Ready For Your Business:

The days of paying with Check or by money order are over as these mode of payments are time taking and many domain registering company does not accept these methods these days. The fastest and popular way of payment now is by Debit Card or by Credit Card. So you should make ready your Credit Card or Debit Card. However the security of the transaction needs to be ensured by you before starting the transaction. The immediate payment facility will ensure that your Domain name will become available otherwise by the time you pay for it, the Domain name may no longer be available for your domain registration.

Opt For The Facility Of Locking Your Domain Name:

While going for domain registration in India, you should emphasize for the facility of locking your Domain Name. Once your Domain Name is locked, it will not be possible to transfer your Domain Name to another Registrar which many fraudsters do in present day. It is highly recommended that you should check all links that have been provided during domain registration. If you do not specifically ask for locking your Domain, the same will not be locked which may be a cause for trouble in future.

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