Why You Should Not Prefer Your Web Host For Domain Registration

Domain Registration process involves a lot of agencies like the Domain Registrars, Domain Resellers and brokers. It is simply an overwhelming job to decide exactly which service to use for your Domain Registration. When you find that your Web Host is offering all in one solution, it is quite natural that you may get tempted to go for the domain name registration services from your Web Host. However, in the long run, you may face terrible consequences by registering your Domain with your Web Host. Here in this article, we will explore the reasons for this.

The Domain, Domain Registration and Domain Hosting:

When you own a Website or a blog, there is two distinct piece of activities are involved. The first one is Domain and Domain Registration and the second one is Hosting the Domain. These elements need to be understood properly to have an effective management of your Website. The Domain is basically an address which the people will use to reach your Website. The Domain Registration can be made from the best domain registration company or from a number of providers. You need to pay the required fee for Domain Registration and when you stop paying for the renewal charges of the Domain Registration, the Domain may be sold and may belong to some other people.

The Domain or the Website Hosting means that the files related to your Website will be stored in a place and the Website Host will provide that place to you. Suppose you open a blog through Blogger or you use WordPress.com, then since the Blogger is owned by Google and the WordPress.com is owned by WordPress, your host will be either Google or WordPress.

You are basically putting the files related to your Website to the server of your Host. Further, your Domain is told that when someone enters your URL, he should be taken to those files. Just like changing a SIM card on your mobile phone, you can also change the Web Host at your wish and your Domain can thus be able to work with another service of a different Web Host.

The dilemma regarding Domain Registration:

When you want to make a Domain Registration, you may have two options with you. The first option would be to go to a top domain registration company and complete your Domain Registration through the Registrar. The second option is to get the Domain Registration done through your Web Hosting service provider. For many people, it will seem to be a wonderful idea to keep all the stuff related to the Website in one place only and to keep only one set of login information with you. However, you may encounter the serious problem on certain issues. Why you should prefer an independent Domain Registrar for your Domain Registration is discussed in the following paragraphs:

Domain Transfer May Be A Big Issue:

There may be a situation when you may want to transfer your Domain. If your Domain is registered with a Web Hosting service, the process of transfer may be annoying. However, in case you have made your domain name registration is somewhere else with an independent agency, the process would have been simple. You simply have to update the DNS setting and make it such that it points to the new host.

Security factor should be considered:

In case you have multiple Domains, and if you have done cheapest domain registration with one Web Hosting service, it may be very dangerous as hackers may destroy your site. However, if you have independent register for independent Domain Name, your security will be much better.

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