Why You Should Go For Windows VPS Hosting Services?


From last few years, the VPS hosting solution has become the prime concern for SMBs. They offer low cost services with advanced features. Small and medium startup companies require top windows hosting provider in Kolkata for advancing their businesses. You can expand your business with us.

What is VPS?

VPS is a virtual private server created to use virtualization softwares. It is used on physical server but remains completely Independent from it. It is also independent from other VPS servers which provide hosting services.

Why should you go for VPS hosting services?

Improved reliability

The independency of the VPS from other servers does not mean that it will not share its resources. As compared to other hosting, it is much reliable. The computing activity and traffic on shared hosting servers impact the all the other servers too. But this does not happen with windows VPS hosting company in Kolkata.

Dedicated servers

With dedicated servers like VPS, all the resources are dedicated to you. The CPU, RAM and disk space available for VPS is more when it compared to other shared hosting servers. It simply means that you can handle more traffic and more apps with this VPS server made from top windows VPS hosting provider in Kolkata.

Increased performer

The resources are more dedicated completely on your business requirements. You get far better services through windows VPS hosting company in Kolkata as compared to other shared hosting servers. This means that your processing capacity and power increases which leads to the quicker loading on user’s browsers to improve user engagement. It improves your conversion rates and increased search engine rankings.

Software freedom

You don’t have choice of using different operating system on shared hosting servers. But, With VPS you have freedom to choose your own operating system.

Offers more control

You get root access of your hosting setup like any other dedicated servers. It help you to install required software packages without waiting your hosting provider performing the task. In shared hosting servers, there are many softwares and scripts which are not supported by VPS hosting servers.

Efficient and environment friendly

Over the last decade, there is great awareness spread about environment friendly practices. You can play your part and not need to leave carbon footprint. In dedicating hosting, you are the only person to get benefit of power consumption from servers.

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