Why To Remain Aware Of Renewal Notices With Regards To Domain Registration Services?

There are many who receive a similar letter titled Domain name Expiration Notice. People report that the sender is anonymous, with whom domain has not at all been registered. People well experienced in domain registration hold the ability to take decision in a quick manner followed by putting such a letter into the shedder and move ahead.

Beware Of Fraudulent Notices

Time has come to beware of such fraudulent clutches. It must be noted that in case you have registered your domain name with a well known domain name registration company or any other reputable online service, then you will never receive any sort of renewal notice online. They are online businesses and are well recognized for communicating in a frequent manner through e-mails.

It is very much important to note that mailed renewal notices are the only notices received. Failure to respond may result into a big loss of domain. Mailed notices generally prey upon non-savvy and too busy guys. Until and unless it is read thoroughly, it will simply appear to be a renewal bill.

Phrases To Stop Misleading

The Federal Trade Commission got itself involved in 2003 and requested those fraudulent companies to stop their usage of misleading phrases into their notices that included:

  • Register lock

  • Loss of online identity and many more.

The letter received seemed to be a genuine one as one may easily call for transferring and renewal of domain. If chosen for using them, you will be on your way to transfer domain from the domain registration company that is already registered.

Checking Out Cost Differences

People may presume the fact of no harm while transferring your domain from one company to another. But it reality, it is recommended to check out the cost differences before taking the leap. To surprise, the offer received is much higher than the original cost paid for registering domain with a reliable and well known company.

It is advised not to respond against the domain name registration services letter for further safety. Those letters include the urge for taking immediate action, but in reality domain name does not come up for such renewals. It is better to take the required action in a cool mind before any sort of mishap engulfs you.

Opting For Proper Domain Names

After being Alert regarding fraudulent renewal notices, it is the turn to concentrate on framing of domain names before opting for domain registration. The domain names framed highly impact on the popularity of your website on the Internet. It is advised to opt for shorter and simpler names so that they can be easily remembered.

It also reduces the chances of making inadvertent errors while on the way to type the name. The inclusion of keyword phrases related to your trade into the domain name will make it easily recognized by search engine robots. It will also enable easy searching and viewing by users. The more number of years you book the domain name, higher chances are there for saving a big buck.

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