Why One Shouldn’t Register Domains With His Web Host?

There are ample of opportunities when it comes to domain registrars, resellers, and brokers. It is very tricky to select which one to use and amazing too, It may seem natural to use one’s domain name registration to store all at a single point. Yet, booking domain with the host can be an awful idea, for reasons which are listed below.

Domains and Hosting – a few basics

Owning a blog or website is associated with two separate pieces, the domain and host. It is decisive to figure out these matters for the most efficient management of the site.

The domain is the location people use to get to the site. One can register a domain registration with any number of registrars – mostly he pays an annual fee to use that distinct web address. If he stops paying, someone else can handle the domain instead.

Website hosting is the account that literally stocks the website’s files. If one has a free blog through blogger, then his host should be a separate service provider. Self-hosted websites rent server space from a company that agrees to stockpile the files.

The domain registration problem

When one sets up hosting for a website, he can also register his domain through his domain registering company. For a number of people, keeping all their website stuff in the same place sounds like a good idea. They only have to keep up with one set of login information, and they know that their host’s technical support team will make clear each one is designed accurately.

However, they also have the choice to register their domain somewhere else and honestly inform it to their domain booking company.

Manage the domain in one place

If one is ever gets mad at his web host and plans to shift his site, he can also apparently want to transfer his domain, if it is registered with the old host. Domain transfers can be troublesome, time-consuming, and complex. But if he has enrolled the domain elsewhere, he does not have to do anything except refurbish his DNS settings to point to the new domain registration India.

Register all the domains together

Domain reseller, who use multiple domains, can go for registration and mass up gradation of the DNS settings, when they transfer all their files to the new server.

Combined surveillance

When the hackers hack the site, they not only crush it, rather also control the domain. So better to check the issue with your cheapest domain registration. But when domains are isolated, it is safe even someone gets access to the files, if the same log in and password is not used.

Guidance for domains and hosting

It is always advisable to register domains with such domain provider who have excellent customers service. They have basically a great search features which suggest surrogated domain names, which the customer can accept as per his choice.

What domain registrar or hosting service one prefers is not the matter. Be sure he figures out what they provide, what it will charge, and how the site gets affected in the event of a shift. One may think that he is ever stick with his present host, but he never knows what may happen in future. Better to get ready – anticipate the worst and desire for the best.

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