Why marketing is important for any company?


Marketing is the key to success in any business. it is very important for the customers to know about your products. It will stimulate your sale of products. Marketing can include campaigning, presenting products at trade functions, proper packaging to make it more attractive. It is primarily conducted by the seller or manufacturer. Nowadays, many companies use bulk sms as their marketing strategy. Bulk sms in Bhubaneswar is in high demand nowadays.

Marketing is one the main components of business management and commerce. Marketers can direct their sales to other companies or customers. Before marketing, a proper research work is done. Marketing depends on several factors like demand of the product in customers, environment. A proper survey is done after which the strategies are adopted and finalized. The marketing will focus on including the specification of the product, how it should be should and how the environment can influence its growth.

There are many benefits of marketing which you should look into-:

  • Marketing enlarges the market. It focuses on creating new demand, targeting those areas which have no sale and trapping more customers to get more sales. Thus, marketing enables the manufacturers to increase their production and gain more profits.
  • This will enable the customer to know about the product that the company is selling as well as keeping an account of the demands and need of the customers. Thus, a proper balance will be maintained and products will be sold.
  • Marketing will enhance your market so the producers can utilize their resources or the maximum of it is utilized. So, if most of the products are utilized then the cost per unit will be reduced.
  • Marketing needs assistance from other sources like banking, transport, insurance etc. thus, this will boast other activities as well.
  • This will increase your national income. National income depends on the total amount of product and services possessed by it. a proper marketing effort will increase the production of the companies, investing in new companies and availability of the new services. Thus, the nation will become richer and the income per capita will increase and the country will progress from an under developed state to a developed state.
  • Due to more marketing services and involvement of other activities, there will be more employment opportunities.


Marketing has a lot of benefit which will not only contribute to growth of a company but also nation.

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