Why Invest In A Premium Domain Name For Your Company

The Internet is a crowded place. There were around 1.74 billion active websites as of January 2020.

While a domain name is required for every website, not everyone who registers a domain name really constructs a site and uses their domain. So it’s safe to claim that there are significantly more than 1.74 billion domain names registered.

Since the first domain name was registered in March of 1985, it has grown increasingly difficult for users to find the exact domain name they want. Many have already been registered, especially if they are made up of dictionary words and popular extensions. So, always prefer the top 10 domain registration companies in Kolkata for better price and service.

The Advantages of Using a Premium Domain Name for Your Business

Premium domain names give your company a competitive advantage. Let us investigate how and why this is so. You can consult with the Infosky Solutions’ experts for domain registration and web hosting Bangalore.

Recognition & Branding

Branding your company is critical, and your domain name is an important part of that. Consistency is important for your brand, and that includes having a domain name that reflects what your company and website are all about. Premium domain names such as food.com, cars.com, and vacation.com are excellent examples of this, as they highlight your company’s speciality and emphasis.


A solid premium domain name will help your marketing efforts. Premium domains are easier to remember than substandard domain names that are littered with hyphens and digits because they are frequently shorter and contain keywords.

Authority & Credibility

Credibility is essential in business. In today’s digital world, a domain name is frequently the initial point of contact with a brand. Your domain name has the power to make or shatter someone’s first impression of your company and website.

Website Visits

Premium domain names are more likely to provide you direct, type-in traffic.

SEO Advantages

SEO might be perplexing – is it a science? Is it some form of magic? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practise of optimising your website to perform better in search engines.


The goal of SEO is to ensure that the sites that are the most valuable and relevant to the end user’s query appear first in the search results.

Shorter and keyword-rich domain names, such as premium domains, are more likely to rank higher in search results. Now, granted, you must also have a related website. The days of getting top placement with simply a keyword are long gone. However, if you have those keywords in your domain name and a solid website, your SEO potential skyrockets.

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