Why has Dedicated Web Hosting Service become so popular?

The Dedicated type of Web hosting service means that configuration of the server is solely devoted to a single organization only or maybe for a single Website. Unlike shared Web Hosting where a server is shared between several Websites, a dedicated server is solely dedicated to a particular cause. The dedicated server can be set up inside a house or this service can be sought from an external service which is kept in a data center. There are a lot of benefits of having a Dedicated web hosting services and some of the benefits are discussed here in this article.

The possibility of customization:

The type of solution that a Dedicated Web can provide is not possible to be given by other types of Web Hosting services. It grants a high degree of freedom as well as control to the users. The Dedicated server can be tailored to the needs of a user as this type of dedicated web hosting server is not needed to be shared with any other client. The features can be selected and paid for as per the wish and the need of a client easily.

The high uptime figure:

The web world has become highly competitive and customers want convenience more and more. No customers like to wait for long in a slow-moving Website or in a Website which is down for some unknown reasons. The customers immediately look for other websites having a good record of uptime. The Dedicated Web Hosting servers normally have a high degree of reliability and are of high performance. These servers allow the Websites to run with a high degree of uptime and ensure that the customers visiting the Websites have a memorable and pleasant experience. It is not uncommon to find dedicated servers having 100% uptime and the dedicated web hosting company also offer to monitor the servers along with the backup facilities with the support service. This leads to a seamless performance of the servers and in turn, the Websites can run without any hassles.

The congestion server will be much less:

In case of Dedicated windows web hosting service. The congestion of the server will be much less. In case of the shared type of hosting, the congestion in the server is very often due to high traffic as well as due to high usage by other Websites. The congestion can also take place by running different applications which are hosted on the same server. The usage of the resources like the disk space, the requirement of higher bandwidth, the usage of the CPU, etc are often limited in case of Shared Web Hosting. However, with the Dedicated Web Hosting, this issue is easy to be tackled since there will be no interference with the resources of a server. Therefore, if the activities of a Website are such that a lot of traffic is expected to visit the site or the usage of the resources are likely to be high, it is always better to hire the services of a Dedicated web hosting providers.

The security will be high:

It will be much easier to implement security measures in case of a dedicated platform. These measures can be something like installing an antivirus program or configuring the firewall, which can be more effectively tailored for a dedicated server. The physical security like the biometric authentication, implementation of security guards, etc can be put in place much more effectively. Since the server is not going to be shared by anybody, it also easier to maintain a high standard of security in such servers.

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