Why Domain Reseller Business Is Very Profitable And Its Demand?

Domain registration is a must thing to do to make your website available to everyone. Without this people won’t be able to access your website through internet. So we must know what is this domain name registration? Domain name is the unique web address that we type in your address bar. It may happen that two people have same website name with different extension due to this problem anyone can run a same website as your same website name with different extension to prevent this problem try to register your website name with all possible extension.

To connect our website to network domain name registration system use different topology like bus or ring topology, mesh topology, star topology. To use these topologies we need different type of switching. Generally we use either circuit switching or packet switching. Circuit switching establish fixed bandwidth circuit between nodes and terminals before the user may communicate, In case of packet switching packet are routed between node with the data links this links are shared with other traffic. packets are queued in buffered resulting in variable delay.

Steps to register for domain reseller program

  • give your provider company your company information and add a payee account so you can receive your commissions.
  • After that select the cheapest domain registration length then choose store front color palette and set products and pricing. Next step is to start telephone and email marketing campaigns.
  • You need a domain reseller account for that. for getting a free domain reseller account go to a domain Registration India website click on free domain reseller plan than click on signup then follow the instructions for making an account.
  • They will send you a confirmation mail on your mail id that’s why always provide an existing mail id. Click on the link and activate your account again came back to the domain provider providing site and log in to your account.
  • After login to your account go to the admin control panel then click on the available fund then you can add some fund by choosing the option debit card or credit card. After the funds are been added go to the option manage products and pricing option then click on free domain registration after that a page will open and then click on manage prices there you will find different prices for different extension manage those prices. then click on set profit there you will get three options, options are registration renewal and transfer you need to add the amount you want after that click on yes set my price.
  • These are the simple steps to get a free domain reseller account from a domain registering company. It will help you to start your own online business here you don’t need to take lots of responsibility.

Using this domain booking company plan you can sell your product by top leading companies including domain, web hosting, SSL certificate and many more. This plan provides you your own page for your products and they provide you 24×7 customer support and you can sell your products by your own brand name. I must say this is a very profitable business.
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