Why Businesses are Getting Inclined to Get the Service of the Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata?

The use of Dedicated Hosting service is getting popular. There are a lot of reasons for the increased popularity of this. The dedicated server is doing an excellent job of providing high-quality Dedicated Web Hosting server to the Businesses to help them grow rapidly. Before we deal with the discussion of the benefits of the Dedicated Hosting service let us first understand about Dedicated Hosting.

What is meant by a Dedicated Web Hosting:

When a Website is hosted on its own exclusive server it can be termed as Dedicated Hosting. A distinct physical server which does not share any hardware or software with any person or organisation except the one, who has owned this server, can be termed as a dedicated server. The server is normally leased from a Web Hosting provider. This server will normally be housed in a data centre. There are various forms of Dedicated Web Hosting like self-managed Dedicated Hosting or Managed Dedicated Hosting, etc which will offer a different type of facilities to the client. A linux dedicated server can offer you excellent packages for the Dedicated Hosting service which may suit your exact Business needs.

The important benefits which can be obtained from Dedicated Hosting:

There is a number of benefits of a dedicated service provided by the Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata. A few important benefits are discussed below:

The location of the Data Centre:

The servers when properly gets housed in a data center, it provides excellent security to the Websites. Moreover, the good ambient conditions of the data centers will be extremely helpful for the operation of the server. Apart from this, there are also a number of other benefits offered by a dedicated server. The linux dedicated server, India can offer various other benefits which can never be available with Shared servers.

The security and the uptime:

There is no denying of the fact that the primary reason for choosing a Dedicated Server Provider is to provide excellent uptime and a very strong performance of the Website. It can provide the excellent speed of the Website even at the moment of high traffic to the Website. It is also easy to operate a resource heavy Website easily.

There will be redundancy options available to a dedicated hosting package. This redundancy option will be available both for the hardware and the software. This means that if there is an incidence of failure in the server, the uptime of the Website will not get affected. However, the risk of the failure of the server is further reduced since all the resources of the server are used by a single user only and are not shared among many users. The security of the Website is also heightened since there will be no other Websites sharing the same server and this will reduce the chances of threats to the Website. The threats can originate from hackers or malware, bad coding and from even general maintenance which may cause contamination of the server or damage to the server. This is the reason why it is possible for a quality Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata to offer 100% up-time when you approach for a good package.

The performance of the Website:

You can be sure of experiencing an excellent performance of your Website when you take the service of the dedicated server company in Kolkata. There will be nothing which can debar you from enjoying the maximum benefit of the server and thus it is quite natural that the performance of your Website will be excellent.

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