What Is The Vital Difference Between Web Hosting And Domain Registration?

The procedure involved in creating of a website and getting it online sometimes really proves to be a tricky issue. In a non-technical community, there is nothing to help in case of clearing the common misconception that domain registration and web hosting are same. It is high time to clear the things!

Web Hosting And Domain Registration – Mandatory Steps

It must be noted that both web hosting and domain registration India are mandatory procedures. But both of them need to be completed for the purpose of creating a website and making it live on the internet. A domain needs to get registered by a registration company. Afterwards, the domain name needs to be hosted on the internet through a web hosting company.

There are many companies that offer both the domain name registration services and hosting. And the rest ones provide either of these services. Therefore, you can choose to get registered the domain and host your website with the same company, or register domain with one and get it hosted by another.

What Are Domain Names?

It is a simple procedure! But there are many who hold unnecessary deal of confusion and stress regarding the same at the time of setting up a website. In order to use the Internet connection for communicating with others or look up information, you need to type an address into your computer.

These addresses are a name or number which is known as domain names in technical language. Each and every domain name registration needs to be completely unique so that the Internet can recognize the correct website to bring up for the user. If you are looking forward to create your own website, you need to generate a name you wish your website to be known as.

Registering Of Name With Domain Registration Company

In such a case, the name needs to be registered with a domain registration company to ensure that it is unique followed by that you become the legal owner of that domain name. Also, you need to pick up a domain extension for attributing your domain name. You must give careful consideration to the domain extension chosen for ensuring that your full domain name best represents your business.

For example, if you hold a country specific business, then it is better to choose that domain extension specific to that particular country only. This will help in achieving good ranking in search engines.

It is an imperative idea the credibility of a domain booking company before getting a domain name registered with a registrar. You may do so by verifying that the website of the registrar is featured on the ICANN accredited list of registrars.

What Is Web Hosting?

Once you have successfully registered your exclusive domain name with an attributed domain provider, next turn is all about getting your website live on the Internet. In order to achieve this particular goal, you need to buy a web hosting package from a hosting company.

The process of putting your website on the Internet gets completed through web hosting company with whom you sign up. The type of web server your site is hosted on depends upon requirements of your website. Shared as well as dedicated web hosting plans are some of the most common web hosting plans.

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