What Is The Significance Of Transactional Messages In Bulk SMS Gateway

The Bulk SMS Gateway has been very popularly used by various profit and non-profit organisations with a high rate of success. People are aspiring to take up this business urgently in the hope of making a good income. While bulk SMS service is a very good type of business to seek an entry, it will be advisable that the prominent aspects of this business should be clear before embarking on such type of business. Otherwise, you may land up in an awkward situation and face serious consequences both monetary wise and legally.

The power of Bulk SMS Gateway cannot be denied by any means, however, sufficient care needs to be taken to stay within the stipulations made by the Governing bodies and use this facility for promoting business and marketing in an ethical way. The two most important type of SMS service which a bulk SMS India handles are Transactional Messages and Promotional Messages.

Government policies have changed regarding the use of transactional messages and promotional messages. This has been necessitated for the reason that the opportunities which a bulk SMS gateway provider possess, has been abused by many marketing companies by sending SMS and also call services which many a time harassed the customers. The customers had to attend these unsolicited calls and SMS without their willingness. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or in short TRAI has enforced certain restrictions to limit the usage of these unsolicited messages and have tried to streamline the wonderful power of this bulk SMS service provider to use it in a better and structured way. In the following paragraphs, the briefs of both the messages and its importance are explained for your understanding.

What Is A Transactional Message:

The Transactional messages which are used in transactional bulk SMS provider are also popularly known as Service Messages. These messages are meant for the user. The user and client only need to have access to these messages and there should not be evidence of any Marketing campaign or any promotional aspect in these messages. These are simply informatory in nature and do not have any ulterior motive of business in them. The example of transactional messages cans e as follows:

1. Many times Banks need to pass messages to their account holders regarding the balance available in their bank accounts or if any other activity which has been carried out by the user in his account.

2. Also, many times messages are also passed to the concerned companies regarding the amount of the invoice, etc.

3. Information as sent by Airlines or by Indian Railways or sometimes by the authorized agents for these services to the concerned passengers regarding their ticket bookings, reservation and travel schedule.

4. Information was given by registered educational institutions to the guardians or parents of the students.

5. Information was given by registered companies to the different agents, employees, or to the different customers, which are related to the goods or services that need to be delivered to various customers.

The Bulk SMS Gateway is allowed to send these messages to the NDNC numbers through bulk SMS provider also and a particular sender ID is used which falls within a particular alphabetical format. The risk of getting complaints from an NDNC registered number is there sometimes and the user may sometimes lodge a complaint against this, which you should take care of while you are starting the business of Bulk SMS gateway.

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