What Is The Importance Of Cognitive Bias Science In Website Design?

It has been realized that the use of marketing techniques based on activating the psychological stimuli of the users results in increased traffic and also increased conversion rates pretty well. This technique is closely related to persuasion research or behavioral economics or even social psychology. The different terminologies target to the same goal of attracting visitors to the site by influencing their psychology positively in favor of your Web site. It is done by taking the suitable action with the help of cognitive biases in the content and the design of the Website.  There are various tactics which can be used based on specific bias. Most of these tactics which are employed are very simple and subtle as well as very common. If you rightly know what area to look for, you can very well use these bias for building a great and effective web design company in Kolkata.

The Use Of Social Proof For Activating The Conformity Bias:

The tendency to follow others actions are called conformity bias. It may be for good or may be for bad. Our brains often fail to have a rational approach for distinguishing the good or bad and simply fall in line with the action of others. Marketing people have been playing with this bias for a long time. This type of bias has been used as a social proof which gives an evidence for the legitimacy.  You need to show that your products and services have been well accepted by others. Social proof is now used by all leading companies to make the case for their website design services stronger.The various ways of using the conformity bias are as follows:

Use Of Testimonials:

Testimonials are the use of validating words by your audience. These testimonials are very valuable for increasing the credibility of your web design and development.  It can be considered as one of the best social proofs. The testimonials can be best displayed on the page of the service or the product. The assertions which you make can be supported well by the use of testimonials. These testimonials can give you extra support to substantiate the claims that you have made. It is your audience who is testifying the products and the services for you.

The Value Of Endorsement:

It will be very valuable to display the liking of someone who has a strong reputation. The credibility can be increased tremendously through association and it will very relevant for your Website Design. The value of the endorsement is very well understood by the companies and this technique is being widely used to make a list of web design company in Kolkata who is much popular and successful.

The Shares In Social Media:

This has become a very common way of displaying social proof. The number of shares of the various types of social networks shows the liking of the users for that post or service or product and this influences the cognitive bias of the new users positively in favour of your website design.

Display Of Trust Seals Is Another Credible Option:

 The memberships, the certificates or the awards which you might have received can generate awesome interest in your Website Design if you can manage to display these in a proper way in your website development. You may choose to display these trust seals in the footer of the home page to increase the visibility while not producing too many liters in your Website Design.

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