What Is The Function Of A Registrar In The Domain Registration Process?

When a person wants to open a Website he needs to get a Domain Name first. The Domain Name needs to be registered further. When a Domain Name has to be registered, it is important to get the services of a Domain Registrar who has been accredited by ICANN. Unless you get a Domain Registrar, it won’t be possible to register your Domain. Let us try to understand in detail the function of a Domain Registrar in the process of domain name registration.

Who is called a Domain Registrar:

The Domain Registrar is basically an organisation or a business which has been duly authorized by ICANN or by the National authority for the Domain Name of the country.

The role of a Domain Registrar involves checking whether a Domain Name has been taken already or registered in favor of some organisation or individual. The Domain Registrar collects all domain names and the contact details and further reports the information collected to ICANN. The Registrar also has the authority to transfer the different domain names between several parties. The best domain registration company also provides the necessary protection to the registrants to protect their contact details given in the domain by opting for the Private Domain Registration. Third party registration or proxy is also offered by the Registrar.

The WHOIS data:

The personal details which have been provided by the Registrants to a Domain Registrar for the purpose of Domain Registration are also available to the public by default through the WHOIS database. The individuals who want to search the details and check the WHOIS search unless some protection to the privacy of the data is put by the registrar of the domain during the domain registration process. The Registrar may also offer the facility to “lock” the data of personal information available in the domain. This facility will remain in place until the domain is unlocked.

Fees for Domain Registration:

The ICANN charges the Domain Registrar for registering a Domain name. The Registrar collects the money from the organisation or the individual seeking Domain Registration which includes fees for Domain Registration with the Registrar as well as the charges for ICANN. The Domain Registration fees are calculated based on the services provided and based on the term of Registration in years. Typically a Domain Registration can be done for a length of 10 years. The Registrar can register your Domain Name automatically after the term is over. When a bulk Domain Names is submitted for Domain Registration, it is possible to get a big discount for this. The top domain registration company may also offer easy Domain management tools so that the Domains can be monitored easily.

The unfair practices adopted by a Domain Registrar:

Sometimes customers are tricked to transfer their Domain Names to another Registrar without informing the registrant. The Registrants may be sent notices through email, text messages, or through the letter stating that their domain names will expire and they need to follow the recommended actions urgently to prevent this. The customers should know that all information for their domain registration has been submitted to WHOIS database which includes the expiry dates for the domain also. It is suggested that one should opt for “private Domain Registration” so that the data is not available to any third party except the original Domain Registrar.

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