What Is SMS Service? And What Are The Categories?

First, let me give you a brief idea about SMS service.

If you compare the strategies of business from the past generations to today’s generation, you’ll know the huge changes that have been made. Thanks to our tremendously upgraded technology, without this it would be impossible to reach worldwide customers just within a second. Exactly here comes one of the great marketing strategies that requires less effort, SMS. It is called text message service or mobile SMS, particularly this service is used to send short text messages to the targeted.

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I guess you got a primary concept of SMS service for any types of business. Now let’s talk about the different categories of this service. Keep reading the blog till the end to learn more.

There are a lot of varieties and different categories of SMS services you’ll get to see, which will surely meet all the needs of your company. Here I’m putting the most commonly popular and main categories of SMS services.

They are – 1) Basic SMS text message   2) Directed SMS

1) Basic SMS text message:-

It is the most common and the oldest form of text messages. These are mostly short. But they can be large as well. This basic SMS text message is divided into two parts. These are given below,

  1. Bulk SMS
  2. Individual SMS
  1. Bulk SMS:-

Bulk SMS is a type of basic SMS which you may need when you want to send the same message to a huge number of targeted customers. In today’s generation, this is the most used SMS category for the marketing team of any company.

Example: – Dear customer, visit our shop to celebrate…

  • Individual SMS :-

You can call this type of SMS as a smart message. If you want to send any customized text individually to your targeted customer , this should be your first preference. People consider it as the latest type of short message service.

Example: – Dear Priyanka, visit our shop to celebrate…

2) Directed SMS:-

If you want to send any SMS attaching a link, then you need to go for a directed SMS. You customer can easily tap on the link to get more information about your website.


Hope you got your answer after reading the blog. Apart from the above-mentioned categories, you’ll get a lot more variety, so pick any of them wisely from Infosky Solutions.

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