What Guide to Follow for Beginners for Domain Registration with the Right Domain Name?

Before securing a good Domain Name and deciding for domain registration in India, it is important to have an understanding of the Domain Name Registries. You should be very careful otherwise you may not be able to secure a good Domain Name in time. There are few steps to secure a Domain Name for making Domain Registration which is described as follows:

Types of Domain Name Registries:

There are a lot of Domain Name Registries. This can be shortly classified as follows:

1. The National Registries

2. The Organisation type of Registries

It is very difficult to get any common English word as Domain in .com Registry as most of this word has already been taken. Thus if you want to secure a .com extension in your Domain Name for making domain name registration, you may need to adopt different techniques.

1. You may use combined words.

2. Sometimes misspellings can also result in getting the extension.

3. You can make up words which apparently do not have any meaning.

4. The words from different languages may also help you to get the Domain with .com extension.

Try to accept the earliest opportunity to grab a favorable Domain Name: If you have some good idea and if it happens that the Domain Name matching with your idea is available, you should not procrastinate and immediately grab the opportunity for making Domain Registration with such name. If the Domain Registration is delayed with such a Domain Name, it may be difficult for you to secure the Domain Name later. The digital world is full of cyber squatters who are on the lookout for the Domain Name of interest and if they locate such interest, they will surely grab the Domain Name to sell it at a higher price later on. The search on the internet is also monitored by these people and your search may not go unnoticed.

The licence rights for the Domain Name:

If you do not have a Domain Registration with a Domain Name, you are not in a position to sell any Domain Name. Also you have a specific period of ownership for your Domain Name decided at the time of Domain Registration from a domain provider. However, just a simple Domain Registration will not be good. You need to follow the steps systematically.

1. First you need to check, the availability of the Domain Name for making Domain Registration.

2. Once you have identified a Domain Name you need to check the following things:

a) The Domain Name should not be a registered Business name.

b) The Domain Name should not be with that of a registered company.

3. Check whether trademark infringement is committed or not. You must not infringe on any trademarked Domain Name otherwise the consequence may be really bad and you may face litigation problem.

4. The Domain extension selected should be very strong and popular and may help you stand out in the crowd.

5. The choice of the Registrar for making cheapest domain registration should be well researched. There are a lot of Registrar who may tempt you with a lot of promises for doing free Domain Registration and also for Web Hosting facilities. However, you need to make sure about the ownership of such Domain Registration. Read the fine prints properly and make judgements accurately so that you do not have to lament about your Domain Registration in future.

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