What Factors You Should Look for While Selecting a Dedicated Server Company in Kolkata?

Among the various Internet Web Hosting services, only a Dedicated Hosting allows getting an exclusive server for use by the customer. This type of Hosting service is more flexible than other types of Hosting services like the Shared and the VPS Hosting. A dedicated server company in Kolkata offers quality Dedicated Hosting service to the customers. The dedicated server company allows its customers to select the suitable operating system as per the choice of the customers and also the resources of the server are fully given at the control of the customers. When you sign up with a dedicated server provider in Kolkata, you will enjoy the benefits of high security, stability for the email, control and the performance of the Website. This type of hosting service will be very much suitable for sites which are having high traffic and growing very fast or is expecting to have high traffic in near future. Also, for big Business sites and online stores, there can hardly be a better alternative than this type of Hosting.

Though there are few shortcomings of this type of Web Hosting, the advantages of such Website definitely outweighs the disadvantages. This type of Hosting service is costly and may be a bit difficult for a non-technical Webmaster to set up. However, these disadvantages are offset by the advantages. In this type of Web Hosting, since the server will be practically at your disposal only, you will not have to share it with others and you can use the server as per your wish. The storage and the bandwidth of the site is never a constraint and this allows a seamless growth for your site. A Dedicated server allows the installed applications as well loading of the site faster than conventional hosting. There will be no issue from increased spikes in the site due to increased traffic. Above all, the server can be locked down to counter any kind of cyber attack. All these factors weigh heavily in favour of linux dedicated server provider in Kolkata for selection of the right hosting service for your Website.

Few important tips to help you select the best Dedicated Server Company in Kolkata:

The choice of the correct linux dedicated server provider will depend on few factors. A few tips in this regard will be helpful:

The selection of the CPU:

The CPU is the heart of the server. Cores of the CPU are used to suitably processing the relevant instructions that are coming from a computer programme. Multiple cores will be able to work simultaneously. If there are more chores, the process will be faster. The unit of the processing speed for measurement purpose is GHz.

The importance of the RAM:

RAM or the Random Access Memory is a very vital part and is used to speed up the delivery of the information. Final information will be always delivered through a RAM and not from a hard drive. Therefore, the choice of the RAM will be therefore very vital for the success of the Website.

A Control Panel:

The best linux dedicated server in Kolkata will be able to manage properly with the help of a good control panel. The graphics interface will enable the customer to monitor all the functions clearly and the database, email accounts, files, and other features can be managed very well through this.

The bandwidth and the storage:

The necessity of higher bandwidth and storage will be very high required for a busy and growing Website and this can very well be the stepping stone to the success of a Business.

A low cost dedicated server in Kolkata will be able to meet all such needs in a decent way to make a customer more confident about the success of his Website.

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