What Does The Name Domain Reseller Mean?

The phenomenal increase of cases for registering domains in recent times is a result of fast technological development. People from all walks of life, be it businessmen, or organisations or governments, everybody want to register his domain.

Domain name is not only required to build your website, but also for opening your own email account created individually. It also helps to establish your own brand name and builds your own identity.

The activity for registering domain has been increasing at such a fast pace, that it is getting difficult for ICANN and Domain Registrars directly accredited by ICANN to control the proceedings. This is one of the main reasons for the recent growth of domain reseller business.

Responsibility Of Registry:

ICANN operates its activities through Registrars and Registries. The Registry is being maintained by operators whose primary responsibility is to maintain the registry related to individual top domain reseller. You might be aware that TLD which appears as a suffix at the name of your domain, is the first name in registering domain as it identifies the geographical location and organisation seeking to register the domain.

While Registry operator can receive application for Domain Registration directly from the Registrant, it becomes a voluminous work for them to handle all the issues. Therefore, the Domain Registrars come in picture. A Domain Registrar can be said to be an organisation who is accredited for maintaining its operation, by ICANN and also duly certified by the Registry.


To make it more clear, a registrant seeking for best domain reseller company has to furnish details of identity proof and contact information which includes phone number, email, address, etc as per the approved list certified by ICANN. This information is also known as WHOIS data which is the basic of operation for ICANN.

Responsibility Of A Registrar:

It is not an easy task to maintain and verify this huge data base. The Registry authorises Registrars who are accredited by ICANN to maintain WHOIS data. These responsibilities are set by Registrar Accreditation Agreement or RAA. As per the responsibilities, a Registrar, maintain WHOIS data and submits data to the Registries after verifying the details submitted by the Registrant. A Registrar is bound to comply with RAA regulations.

Domain Reseller:

The remarkable growth in Domain Registration activities, has led to increase the chain further and therefore the concept of Domain Reseller has appeared in the market.

The low cost domain reseller is organisations who are affiliated to ICANN accredited Registrars and are under contract with them. Normally the reseller comes from web hosting companies, email providers, etc. The domain reseller is contractually bound to the Registrars. The Reseller sells the services on behalf of the Domain Registrar.. They are not ICANN accredited.

The Registrar acts as a sponsor for the domain reseller company. The reseller sells the domains on behalf of the registrars after checking the data submitted by the registrants and the accountability for the domains sold rest with the Registrars.

Before taking a decision for domain reseller in Kolkata plan purchase, the details of the plan need to be checked. You have to select a budget plan which yields a good amount of profit. Moreover what facilities Domain Registrar will provide you is very important. There is no dearth of Domain Registrars and therefore it is easy for you to bargain for the best plan.

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