What can happen when a Domain is hijacked after Domain Registration?

The domain registration though very important for opening a Business Website, it cannot be a protector of a Domain Name from several threats. The greatest of all thefts are Domain Hijacking. The hijackers for Domains are present in all countries and they are out everywhere from Internet cafes to the remote city of Hong Kong and the dark rooms of Iran. The Domain Name hijackers may start to plot for Domain hijacking as soon as you are open on the Internet after completing your Domain Registration. Fortunately, there are some steps which can help you to get protected from the nefarious activities of the hijackers and your Domain Registration can have a meaningful journey. Let us first understand in detail about the hijacking of the Domain.

What is meant by Domain hijacking:

 The hijacking of a Domain Name means the use and acquisition of a Domain Name wrongfully from its rightful owner and for acquiring the Domain, recourse to deception and fraud has been made. There are various forms of Domain hijacking which starts as soon as the best domain registration company is made and the Domain Name is known online. Some of the very common forms of Domain Name hijacking is as follows:

  1. The impersonation of Registrant when communicating with the Registrar
  2. A Registrant email address which has been lapsed has been revived and used for a Registration by resetting a password. Further, the email address has been used transfer the Registrant or the Registrar.
  3. A cheap domain registration which has lapsed has been registered again and the administrative contact has been used or the email address of the Registrant has been used.
  4. The account verification information or other transfer authorizations have been forged.
  5. Theft did by a business partner or a company employee.
  6. Wrong verification information added to the account and confirming the added information for verification so that the access to the account can be made.
  7. The email server may be hijacked so that it can look like that it has appeared from the Registrant.

Why the hijackers do this hijacking?

There are some hijackers who do the hijacking for money only. Domain Names have a certain value attached to them. The value of the Domain Name may be for the existing Business or for the purpose of the resale, or at least for the traffic which this type of Domain Name can bring. Even there are some hijackers who are out for hijacking a Domain Name immediately on Domain Registration. The top ten domain registration company, who have completed the Domain Registration, often half believe the news of the Domain Hijacking. By the time it has been discovered that the Domain Name has been stolen really, it may become very difficult to recover the domain name. It may so happen that the Domain Name which has been hijacked has been sold a third or even it might be at present with a fourth party who has claimed to have purchased the Domain Name for a certain value.  It may not be worth hiring an attorney at this stage and the recovery process may be costly.

How to prevent Domain hijacking:

 The best counteraction for Domain hijacking is to prevent the hijacking of the Domain from ever occurring. You need to take this action right at the time of domain name registration. There are few important steps which need to be taken in consultation with your Registrar.

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