What are the Things you should Know about Choosing a Web Hosting Plan?

There are lot and lot of linux web hosting providers which allow you to connect to the internet easily. However, for an entrepreneur, to make a correct choice for the Web Hosting service, it is important to know about various types of services that are available. You also need to understand the various features, advantages and disadvantages of different plans so that you can make a correct choice for your Web Hosting Service.

When you start the shopping for a plan of Web Hosting in India, you will find different options to choose from. A few important plans are discussed in the following paragraph to make the understanding better:

The Individual plan:

If you are looking for the very affordable plan, the Individual plan is the best option. Normally, this type of plan provides support for the Hosting service for a single domain only. However, the bandwidth and the data storage may be limited in this. This type of plan is best suited for beginners and for the small scale Industries who will not need to have too much traffic on their Websites.

The Dedicated type of servers:

Individual plans are also known as Shared Web Hosting plans and these plans are not suitable for a growing company. Therefore, if you feel that your company is growing and you need more functionalities and disk space along with the higher requirement of bandwidth, you should opt for a Dedicated Web Hosting service. This type of linux web hosting company will remove the bottlenecks of the Shared Web Hosting service very easily. These of plans can cost more than a simple Shared Web Hosting plan, but the ultimate reward of this type of Hosting is much more than the investment.

The Reseller Hosting accounts:

There lies a hosting plan which is between the individual and the dedicated server plan, which allows the clients to have more than one plan while having one account only. The Reseller Web Hosting plan is also affordable than the Dedicated Web Hosting plan.

The main issues while choosing a hosting plan: If you have decided the type of Web Hosting plan that you will select, then you should choose a provider based on the following criteria:

1. The cost of the plan:

The cost of a plan that you are going to select is of course very important. However, this does not mean that you should only look for a top web hosting company. These types of services are mainly subsidized by the advertisement companies and therefore when you take such a plan, be prepared to dance in the hands of the advertising companies.

2. What the customer is telling about the company:

The views of customers about a Web Hosting company can be best captured in the customer reviews about the company. Multiple reviews from customers for both present and the past can give you an excellent feedback about the rating of a Hosting service and you can find the pros and cons about the services of the Hosting provider fairly accurately. A single review may not be authentic as many times, a company uses its own resources to make a review. Therefore, you should check the review from some authentic sources to get a good idea.

3. The support for the script:

What support the best web hosting company can provide you to run the popular Web-scripts is very vital to give preference to a service. Some hosts can provide a built-in package which makes installation of scripts very easy while others have a limitation in the MySQL databases which is a serious limitation.

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