What Are The Procedures For Domain Registration Through A Registrar?

The steps in domain registration though are straightforward, it is required that you maintain the procedures very strictly to get the best result. Here in the article, the steps are tried to be outlined systematically so that you can carry out the process of domain registration in an informed way.

Lookout for the availability of the Domain Name:

The first steps involve is to choose a Domain Name of your choice. Often, it is desired that the Domain Name should be chosen should resemble with your Business Brand so that the users can connect the Domain with your Business easily. Moreover, it is desired that the Domain Name should be short and should consist of a catchy phrase. The users love to get short names for the Website Domain as they can type the names easily. You may see that the famous sites have very short Domain Name and if the short name is typed in the browser, immediately it will take you to the correct and intended website without fail. It is necessary that you list a few Domain Names of your choice for domain name registration so that in case the option 1 is not available, you can definitely opt for next option. You need to check whether your chosen Domain Name is available or it has already been taken by somebody. You can simply complete your search by checking in the WHOIS search and check the availability of the domain name. The domain name registration process becomes much easier if you can select the Domain Name that is available for Registration.

It is time to choose your Domain Registrar:

If the Domain Name which you have selected is not taken by anybody, you should start contacting best domain registration company for Domain Registrations. Check the credibility of the Domain Registrar before making the decision for Domain Registration. Also, don’t forget the fine lines written in the terms and conditions of the contract that you are going to sign with Registrar. The payment terms are also needed to be critically analysed. You should check that whether a Domain Registrar will allow you a grace period for making a Domain Registration in case the date for payment of Domain Registration renewal is over. All these factors are critical in deciding the selection of the Domain Registrar.

It is of course very important that you should pay special attention to at least two important things before making a Domain Registration:

1. Make sure that the name of the Registrant is properly listed. The Registrant should never be in the name of an employee. This is because, if the employee leaves the organisation for any reason, it will be really difficult for you to get the ownership of the cheapest domain registration. Therefore, the Registrant should be either you or it should be in the name of your organisation.

2. You need to make sure that the contact details provided to the Registrar is accurate and updated periodically. A Registrar will not know if there is any change in your contact number or the email address which you had submitted during Domain Registration. Therefore, in case you change any of your contact details, you must update your domain provider also. Also, the email address which you submit to your Registrar must reach you and you should be able to see you in case there is some urgent communication from the Registrar.

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