What Are the Factors That Determine The Cost Of Web Hosting Packages?

When you are choosing web hosting plans, you will be offered various packages. They have the same features but the amount differs. So what are they? What are the factors that determine the web hosting charges in Chennai.

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Therefore, let us have a quick look at the points which can matter:

  • Factor 1: The Types Of Hosting

There are various types of hosting:

  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Cloud

Depending on which type you choose for your website, the charges vary. Among the above, the first one is the cheapest one, and the cloud and dedicated are the most expensive ones. But it is important that you consult with a technical person to know which one is suitable for your business.

  • Factor 2: The Contract Period

The client needs to sign a contract with the hosting provider for a certain time period. That too is a factor on which the charges vary. The period starts from 12 months and can extend up to 48 months i.e. 4 years. After 12 months, it is meaningless to sign up the agreement.

  • Factor 3: Resources Of The Hosting

While you will be presented with the package, there will be some details about the various resources that the provider would serve you. They are the bandwidth, CPUs, RAM, and SSD storage. The higher the resources, the higher will the price.

  • Factor 4: Security

It is one of the factors which is on the top priority list of every business owner. The basic security is provided by the web hosting provider which can be enough for your personal blog site. But what about your big enterprise that is running nationally/internationally? Well, for them extra security is obviously required. And the charges vary for that extra and the latest technological security for your website.

These 4 are the top priority and general ones that can be used to determine the charge of web hosting. Well, there are many more but they are more business specific.

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