What are the different Web Hosting concepts available in present time?

Web Hosting means a service which will allow the owners of the Websites to upload their Web sites in a Web-server. This will allow the Websites to go live and to be available to the users all over the world. There are different types of Web Hosting services available now. The main types of windows web hosting services are being discussed in this article to make you informed and to help you take the right decision.

A brief discussion about different Web Hosting environments:

The different types of Web Hosting environments are as follows:

  1. Shared type of Web Hosting
  2. The VPS Web Hosting
  3. The Dedicated Web Hosting

Before we discuss the different Web Hosting services, it is necessary to understand about different types of web hosting company platforms.

Web Hosting servers based on Linux:

 The availability of Linux Hosting is comparatively high and also it is cheap. Linux Web Hosting will support various platforms, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP, PERL, etc. This type of Web Hosting is very popular among the Linux web hosting providers of the Hosting services.

Windows servers:

In comparison to Linux, the windows web hosting company will be more expensive. This is because of the licensing cost for various applications. The Linux applications are the most open source, but the Windows server is not available free. The Windows Hosting supports .ASP.NET, PHP, etc. The choice of the Hosting platform will be entirely dependent on your use and comfort level.

The different types of Hosting services:

There are different methods of Hosting service available at present. The important services are being discussed here.

Shared Web Hosting service:

A highly powered and high-speed Web server is used in this service. This server is used to host different Websites at the same time. The owner of every Website is given the username as well as the password which enables them to log in to their respective account and to manage their respective Websites from there. The resource of the server is used and shared between all the accounts which have been hosted on the same server. Each user is allowed to access their respective permitted area and files. Since the resources of the server are being shared by many users, the cost of operating such server is low and hence it is a cheap option to avail Shared web hosting service. The main disadvantages of such Web sites are that there is a security problem and also the traffic in one Website will affect the traffic in other Website also. Also, since the same server is being shared by many users, it is not possible to use the OS as per your choice.

The Virtual Private servers:

 The Websites in this type of servers will encounter slower speed than the Website hosted in shared web hosting services. You will have access to the whole server with the root access. Any application can be installed and uninstalled as per the wish of the owner of the Website. However, this type of Web Hosting will be much costlier than the shared type of Hosting service.

The Dedicated Web Hosting service:

The Dedicated Web Hosting service will allow you to use the entire hosting server and you will get all resources for use as per your wish. You can also use the OS as per your wish. There is no denying of the fact that this type of service is very good for any Website and the Websites are also much secured. However, the cost of such service may be a prohibiting factor for Small Businesses.

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