What are the common problems for Web Hosting and how to avoid such problems?

The digital technology has been best manifested in the growing use of the internet. Moe and more Business all over the world have realised the importance of being part of this massive potential of the digital technology and the advantage of being present online. However, the performance of Website when it is launched online is a very serious issue as it will differentiate the Website with the others and makes way to earn more revenue. The key factor for achieving an excellent Website is the choice of the right top web hosting company.

There is no dearth of Web Hosting providers in the market in the present scenario. The web hosting services which are available is a mix of excellent and poor providers. Therefore you should be well informed before you make a choice of the Web Hosting service to get the best result.  It is very easy to get beguiled by many unscrupulous providers particularly with the claim of providing a cheap Web Hosting service having several interesting facilities.  You must concentrate on the important requirement for your Website performance and should try to get these requirements fulfilled by your provider. This article will guide you about the important things you should look for a Web Hosting service provider.

The quality of navigation and the loading speed of the Website:

Fast navigation and easy navigation in a Website is always liked by the users of a Website. This particular aspect can be highly affected by the choice of the web hosting providers. Too much loading time of a website means poor navigation and this definitely discourages the users and the users prefer to visit other Websites having faster loading time. The site also gets a poor rating from the search engines and this reduces the visibility of the site and the traffic to the site.

Research conducted reveals that more than 75% of people prefer to leave a Website which took more than 4 seconds for loading. Page-loading time has been one of the key parameters for spending more money for a Website by big companies. If the best web hosting company are located near to the users of a Website, it is probable that the loading of the Websites will be faster. The network latency or the amount of delay in loading of a Website or delay in navigation can be influenced by the performance of a Web Hosting server to a large extent.

What action a Web Hosting service is taking to reduce the amount of network latency with the use of advanced hardware and competent support team can make a strong influence on the choice of selection of a  web hosting providers.  Also, the availability of the CDN or the Content Delivery Network which enables cached versions of the Website’s static portion at an optimized speed and at different locations can improve the speed of the Website. This is particularly important if a Website is accessed from remote locations across the world.

The cost of the Web Hosting plan provided:

  It is very normal to find the people tempted to get a free Web Hosting service. Many times these services also offer a lot of facilities along with the Web Hosting facility. However, you need to look into greater and find what these companies are gaining by offering you such services. Also what type of advertising will be loaded in the sites which may not be welcome to you and what type of bandwidth and the data plan are provided by these Web Hosting services. Whether top ten web hosting company allows you to upgrade to a paid hosting plan is also a matter of great concern to choose a free plan. It is always better to go for a paid plan which has a clear definition of the plan.

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