What Are the Benefits of Choosing Windows VPS Hosting Over Other Hosting Solutions

Shared hosting plans are seamlessly appropriate for budding entrepreneurs, startups, and/or newbie bloggers. It fits well with websites that manage less traffic regularly and have a minimum number of web pages plus data. Whereas, if your website is growing with traffic and data, upgrading the web hosting plan is a must-do step. Compared to shared hosting, a VPS hosting plan caters to your website’s necessities better with individual OS, disc space, and higher bandwidth, and ensures an improved user experience. So let’s unfold the benefits of Windows VPS hosting plan over other hosting packages available in the marketplace. 

And, before uncovering the features, we will take a look at what a Windows Virtual Private Server is. Let’s get rolling. 

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting running with the Windows operating system is called Windows VPS hosting. This ensures users the benefit of using a dedicated virtual server with more control and different resources compared to other hosting solutions. For companies looking for secure hosting services with Windows feature-compliant technology and environment, VPS hosting with Windows OS is the best option. businesses that have been using Microsoft systems and tools for years to manage a wide range of business operations, Windows VPS hosting is second to none in managing the server with ease and efficiency. 

Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting

Benefits & Perks of Choosing Windows VPS Hosting 

Once you choose a reliable hosting company of repute in Kolkata for VPS hosting with Windows OS, you will get an array of benefits along with cost-free installation followed by quick deployment. 

Before delving into the benefits, let us have a quick eye on the perks you will incur with a Windows VPS web hosting plan, 

  • Full root access to manage and utilize a virtual private server
  • Independence to shutdown, boot, and reboot the server
  • incur Hyper-V technology to engineer your virtualized platform
  • avail of a unique IP address with RAM

Time to look at the benefits of Windows Virtual Private Hosting Server over other servers in the marketplace. 

  1. Backup & Remote Support: For every online business data is the treasure. Hence, with VPS hosting you can have better data security, regular backups, and remote support from a team of experts 24X7. 
  2. Customized Solution: You can better cater to your website server requirements by customizing features, and available resources, and meet the future demand more efficiently. 
  3. Higher Reliability: Once you choose Windows VPS web hosting from a reliable hosting provider in Kolkata, rest assured to have a higher level of server security with data and system backup. You can prevent unauthorized access and malware attacks on your personal and business data with this hosting plan. 
  4. No Sharing of Resources: Windows VPS web hosting comes with full control of server resources. Hence, no matter how the traffic is, your website’s loading time remains unaffected. This feature lessens the bounce rate and helps create a positive impact on your viewers and customers. 

Additional Benefits…..

  • Ease tracking server status and disc usage
  • higher uptime 
  • better network connectivity 
  • flexibility and scalability with Windows VPS website hosting plans
  • hosting plan at a befitting budget regardless of server application

Summing Up….

No matter what the niche of your business is, and how big your website is, you can go for a Windows VPS hosting plan to run your website with better uptime and zero server error.

For the best and most customized Windows VPS web hosting plans at the best price contact InfoSky Solutions, a hosting company of trust and repute in Kolkata at your convenience. 

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