What Are The Benefits Associated With Purchasing Domain Name From A Domain Reseller?

In this age of high technology, almost each and every one of us holds a website. Also, almost all of us have gone through the procedure of booking the domain name and hosting space. Though some of us have got the name and space as a bundle, highly adventurous persons bought the name and space from a top domain reseller.

Many of us did not even know anything about vendor options at the time of purchasing a domain name. It must be noted that domain names can be purchased directly from an authorized registrar or a domain reseller of an authorized registrar. The reseller may be hosting your company along with hardware vendor and software vendor.

If you are planning to buy domain names, then it is better to approach a trusted and best domain reseller company rather than directly from the Registrar. The vital reasons have been mentioned in a nutshell as under!

Pricing – A Paramount Factor

Price is considered to be a paramount factor in terms of determining the best place in terms of purchasing the domain name. It has been observed that registrars offer domain name for selling purpose at very high prices as compared to low cost domain reseller. They do so in order to discourage people from buying from them due to added burden.

Resellers commit a certain number of domain sales to the Registrar due to which they get domain names at rebate rate, which is finally placed to clients. Here are some registrars who charge high for a particular domain, while resellers offer domain names at high discount rate on a yearly basis.

This concept implies huge savings for businesses in terms of a large number of domain names along with the ones that hold several groups of companies.

Full Support Along With DNS Management

Personalized support is another important feature that is offered by a domain reseller company. It implies the fact that in case you hold an issue with domain name configuration, then you can easily reach out to your confined reseller and get a quick decree without going through a long process. Some resellers proffer phone based support and also provide remote assistance for configuration as well.

Freebies Along With Premium Features

There are a few low cost domain reseller in Kolkata who are well known given that freebies and premium features with the help of a domain name, which will not be provided to others. They may also offer a free hosting account. Others offer an email address or even a free one page website for advertising your business before you start planning for a running website.

Big domain name suppliers cannot afford to provide such freebies as their business model does not permit them to micro manage the accounts of their clients. They are involved in bulk selling and hardly cater to retail marketing. Easy integration is another important feature that is offered by a domain reseller in Kolkata.

Domain names are never used in isolation and always hold a service or system attached to them. Those services may be range from website hosting up to email addresses. Sometimes it may even be a vendor-hosted eCommerce portal.

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