What Are The Basic Steps For Domain Registration Transfer?

The process of transferring Domain Registration from one Registrar to another Registrar there are certain specific steps which you will need to undertake to make your Domain ready. This article will discuss the steps that are needed to prepare a Domain for transferring the Domain Name. Though the requirements may vary for certain TLDs, the basic procedure will remain the same.

Domain Name transfer after expiry:

If it happens that your Domain Name has expired with the old Registrar of yours and you have renewed the same Domain Name with them, you should not try to transfer the Domain Registration within 45days of the expiration date. If you do not follow this you may lose one extra year towards making the domain registration. Also, the renewal fee paid to the Domain Registrar will be lost by you.

The following steps need to be taken care of for transferring the Domain Registration:

1. Ned to verify the eligibility of the Domain Name for transfer: You need to sign in with the current Registrar and check the following details:

a. Whether the Domain Registration is 60 days old and whether your Domain Name is with the current Registrar for more than 60 days: ICANN .guidelines states Domains which are not 60days old or the domain name registration of Domains which has been transferred between the Registrars within 60 days is not eligible for fresh transfer. Therefore, you need to wait for at least 60 days before transferring a Domain Registration.

b. Whether the Domain Name is on hold with the current Registrar: You need to prepare the domain for transfer and carry out the following process:

i) The WHOIS privacy policy needs to be disabled

ii) The Private domain name registration services if any need to be disabled

iii) The Registrar Lock which you might have set for enabling added security need to be unlocked.

iv) Auth or EPP code from your current Registrar need to be obtained.

The Auth/EPF codes will be required for all Domain Extensions like .com, ,net, .org, .us, .biz, .info, .co, etc and for other new gTLD Domains.

2. Submit your Domain Registration Transfer through your account: Once you have been able to log in, you should choose the menu “Transfer a Domain” from the main menu. Further, you need to carry out following procedures:

a. You need to enter the Domain Name which should be followed by the Auth/EPP code as mentioned in the process of the portal of best domain registration company.

b. Once you have fulfilled all the procedure, you need to click on the ‘Start Transfer ‘button and need to verify whether the Domain Name is ready for completing the transfer process and the results.

c. If you have any coupon code, you may enter the same and further you may click ‘Apply’.

d. Once you have completed all the activities, you may checkout suitably.

The verification request should be checked in the email:

Once you have submitted a request for transferring your Domain Registration to top domain registration company, a verification email will be sent to the administrative contact on the Domain contact given in the WHOIS data. This email need to be verified by you. It may take few hours to receive such emails. If you do not receive such emails, you need to contact the support for necessary assistance.

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