Web Hosting And Its Importance For The Users

The Internet has been growing rapidly since its birth in the late 80’s. Since then it has been growing inside the minds of its consumers- the common man. The fact that internet is user-friendly is because of the websites. Websites provide a base for connecting common man to the whole world at once. These websites are run by organizations and individuals who make their web page to be accessed through the help of the World Wide Web. They are the web hosting India and the process of putting up a website on the internet is web hosting.

Types of web hosting

On a generative basis, web hosting is of two types-

  1. Free web hosting.
  2. Paid web hosting.

Free web hosting

Some of the web hosting company provide absolutely free hosting plan. A person can use it from any online website for his or her website. Well, that is one sure reason, why it is so much popular in between the students and startup businessmen. Actually, in this part of the world, it is quite impossible for a student to earn money and or to save money or for a startup to invest much of their money in hosting a web page. Free web hosting providers plans are easily available and are present everywhere.

Paid web hosting

Paid web hosting services has a wider scope and contains special features which are unavailable for the people who use free web hosting. Paid web hosting provides total control over the website and one can install forums, scripts and software to enhance one’s website. Paid web hosting unlike free web hosting supplies with domains, sub-domains, unlimited disk space and e-mail accounts.

Importance of web hosting

To form the structure of a website, a proper web hosting service is essential. Proper email hosting companies provide you with proper servers for easy uploading of data. These servers from the web hosts are well-protected from hackers and spammers who back in the day might have caused a lot of damage and trouble to you. Without the present of a proper web host, your website is incomplete and cannot be used. Sometimes, a web host which is improper may charge you with unreasonable cancellation fees to keep you from changing to other service providers. Some web host service providers may request to subscribe for an unreasonably lengthy span of time in exchange for an unusually very cheap rate so that you cannot repudiate or even ask for a refund. A proper web hosting service will give you all-round service to you and the persons who view your website.

What kind of web host should you choose?

It is very important to choose a web host which would be beneficial in all ways. On one hand, where you are provided with free web hosting service, these web hosts have many flaws and may sink your website in many ways. Whereas on the other hand, paid linux web hosting providers provide you with many features and supporting your website, they cost an exhaustive sum of money. So, it is very important and crucial to balance between the two and choose a web host which is optimal for your purpose.

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