Understanding the Role of Compliance in Linux VPS Hosting Security Audits

VPS hosting is one of the most preferred types of hosting for most of the online businesses. No doubt it is affordable and scalable. It offers the flexibility of dedicated hosting at the affordable rate of shred hosting. Linux VPS hosting providers offer various customized features based on the business requirements. One of such features that is provided by the providers is the Server auditing.

This blog discusses why such security auditing of VPS server is important. How such security audits can help in better service for the website that is hosted. 

Why Security Matters For Hosting?

Website are hosted over the server providers by the Linux VPS hosting provider. On this server the data over the website are being transmitted to the users through various layers of network. 

During this transmission, an unsecure layer can pose threat to the data transmission which can leaks it. Thus, it can lead to website hack.

So it is very crucial to test the security details of a server. This checking is known as security audits. It can be done by the task known as server auditing which ensures platform level security. It must be conducted once a month to ensure the compliant platform.

security auditing of VPS server

How Is It Done?

  • Check installed software

The installed software must be checked by the server administrators. They must for its compliance of latest updated and access to server security. This can visibly eliminate the errors and can provide access to the right resources. It is one of the primary tasks to accomplished when you need to consider the security audits. 

  • Get physical access to the server

With the physical access you need to get the firewall configured and enabled. Also, you can set p partition between different file system.

  • Use SSH for better security

SSH is aimed to provide end to end encryption. Encryption of data is very important as it protect data from any threats or attacks. Password-less logins should also be checked during this inspection. 

  • Apply intrusion detection system

Detect unauthorized usage with the intrusion detection system. It tracks the configuration and track records to find out any change in the file settings. There are few IDS system that can be applied. 

  • Check for any installed packages

While configuring the server you must install only the required package and not anything unnecessary. Otherwise it may cause vulnerability issue in the server. While audit process continues such installed packages are checked and evaluation is carried toc heck the compliance of the server.

Lastly, Take Up Risk Advice

The IT-landscape is ever-evolving. So, it is important to establish the connection between various forums and community to be aware of latest cyber security threats. Learn form other’s mistake and take up preventive measure to avoid them. Regular assessment would help in protection your server and website to utmost. No doubt, in this current scenario, security is the highest concern. Hence, make sure you note whoever is accessing the information system.

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