Types and Significance of Different Types of E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce has a lot to offer businesses that are interested in using the vast potential of the internet for making an online transaction for products and services. You must understand what steps you should take to make a capable e-commerce website. Here you can find the types of e-commerce websites that can be made by good ecommerce website Design Company in India like Infosky Solutions.

E-Commerce Websites

Transactional e-commerce website: Most people, who shop online, are conversant with the transactional type of e-commerce website. A transaction e-commerce website may be an electronic storefront for a catalog business or for a brick and mortar retailer or even a showroom for manufacturers that want to sell directly to the public. A transactional website can either be hosted or can be on-premise and conduct a full end-end transaction through the website.

It can enable the customers to search, order or to pay for the products easily online and can allow the customers to contact the company for any after-sales issues. The majority of the transaction e-commerce websites create efficiencies with the seamless integration of the transaction process by using back-office systems. The back-office systems include inventory, accounting, order management, marketing, logistics, web analytics, and customer relationship management.

Static content e-commerce websites: Static content e-commerce websites generate sales through the promotion of corporate awareness rather than pushing for online transactions. It can provide relevant information about the service or the products and give clear information about the purchase procedure. No software system is necessary for online transactions as the site is often static and therefore, it is much less expensive to design and maintain a transaction e-commerce website.

It is ideal for companies that market service and products that are not possible to provide in the online marketplace. There can be a modified version of this type of e-commerce website that permits the customers to shop online. It can provide the customers with the best price among the competing vendors offering identical products.

Online marketplace: These types of e-commerce sites are hosted platforms the can bring the buyers and the3 sellers together to make a fruitful transaction experience. Without making proprietary transactional websites, these types of e-commerce websites can provide an efficient way to find the right customers. The online marketplace can be an excellent venue for starting e-commerce activities and there are now several successful online marketplaces operating. You too can develop an excellent e-commerce website that can perform greatly with the help of ecommerce website design provider in India.

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