Top Six Reasons Your Organization Should Switch to Google Workspace

Nowadays, we prefer malls instead of individual stores. We go for combo deals instead of picking up singular items. Have you ever asked why we do it? we do it because of the hassle-free experience, saving our time, and budget as well. Interestingly, you can apply the same method to your team or workplace. Asking me how? The answer is the “Google Workspace”. You can definitely contact a reliable and experienced Google Workspace provider near your business to experience the change.

No matter how your team works; whether it is remote, in-office, or hybrid work – Google Workspace accelerates the working process with better communication and coordination. And, if you are new to Google Workspace, let us understand what Google Workspace is before switching your team to it precisely by reading this blog.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is formerly known as G Suite. Currently, it has more than 3 billion active users who love working. From Gmail to Google Chat, Calendar to Docs, Sheets to Slides, Drive, Google Meet, and lots more are here to use under a single umbrella.

Here questions pop up in minds “Why we should choose Google Workplace when we have been using Gmail, Google Meet, Drive, and so on for free?”

The answer is that we can get more control over the apps with more enhanced security features when we choose Google Workplace instead of free Google applications. Even, you can leverage AI in collaborating with the Apps available in Google Workforce and experience faster and more efficient operations.

Switch to Google Workspace

Why Your Company/Team Should Switch to Google Workspace?

If you are yet not convinced or skeptical about switching to Google Workspace for your team/company, have a close eye on the top reasons to switch to Google Workspace.

Industry-Standard Security

Yes, your organization and team will have industry-standard security once they migrate to Google Workspace. Instead of Two-Step email security verification, you will get Context-Aware Access (aligned with your company’s IT policy), Data Loss Prevention (more protection to sensitive information), and Email Security Sandbox (Gmail scan option to prevent malware) with the Google Workforce package.

More Storage on Google Drive

When we use Google Drive normally, we get 15 GB of free storage. However, with Google Workspace for Business, you can get more storage options with Team Drive. Team Drive allows access to everyone on your team and offers 30 GB of storage with a basic plan.

Better Acquainted by Gen Z

You may be surprised to know that Gen Z is more familiar with Google Workspace than Microsoft O365. In the United States, all Ivy League schools rely on Google for better education and to prepare students with 21st-century skills. So what are you waiting for? Switch your organization to Google Workspace and avoid data loss or security fears. It comes free with GW. The great part is that you don’t need to train your team as they are already acquainted with Google Drive and all.

Get More with Google Sites

Use Google Sites to build feature-rich, easy-to-navigate, and high-quality websites for your business. It helps your team to work together, share more information on the microsite, and edit information with free access from anywhere without the necessity of programming knowledge. Isn’t it great?

HIPAA Compliance

If your organization deals with healthcare data, Google Workspace is a savior to you. it supports HIPAA compliance and PHI. Just sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with Google to avail of PHI while working with Google Workspace for HIPAA compliance.

Improved Business Insights With AI

let the AI manage all the simple tasks for your organization and provide your team a data-based insights while working with Google Workspace. It helps to make informed business decisions and work with efficiency.

To Conclude,

No doubt that if your business/organization signs up for Google Workspace, you will experience seamless and efficient business operation with real-time data saving, security, and better collaboration. So, think no more, and contact the best Google Workspace provider, to accelerate the business process. InfoSky Solutions is all here to cater to your Google Workspace transition needs with befitting plans.

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