Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Business Website on Own

Starting an online business these days is pretty simple. Thanks to the various free platform/ CMS like WordPress where anyone can build a website. One need not to have any basic knowledge about the programming language and still can develop a basic website.

If you are also thinking of building one and make it perfect, we will help you out. Let me introduce. We are Infosky Solutions, web design service company in India serving various clients from different sectors in developing website and designing such CMS based website too. In this blog we will share about few mistakes which you must avoid to get a perfect website like professionals.

Mistakes You Must Avoid

  1. Non-responsive website- That is a great mistake if you have chosen any template that is not responsive. Google algorithm does not rank websites which are not responsive. So always opt for responsive templates.
  2. Readability issue- That is another problem. A good designed website is not all that you need to consider. Along with it you need to consider the readability factor too. If the visitor cannot read the content, it has no meaning of having a website.
  3. Avoid multiple pop-ups- you may find this element useful to show up important message to the visitor. But multiple pop-ups can be irritating. Stick to one pop-up which can be of latest discounts or the sign-up pop-up. Single pop-up can bring you loads of business than multiple ones.
  4. Poor navigation- That is another great factor to consider. Poor navigation can make yoru business fall. With proper navigation, your visitor would find the right things they are looking for over your website. Choosing the right theme for proper navigation is also very important.
  5. Choosing outdated/very common designs- since many websites are based on such free CMS platform you can find common themes too. Don’t make use of the direct theme without customizing them. Or it would not look good or attractive to the visitor. Change them and surely you can transform it into a new one too.


Or if you need any help with the transformation of the website, consult with our experts. They can help you within a very limited budget to get your business website developed. Visit our website to know more about our services for your business establishment.

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