Top 10 Domain Reseller Company in India in 2020

Do you want to hire services of the best domain reseller company for your website? Check-out the list of the top 10 companies ruling the domain reseller market in 2020. Also check the features that makes a company the best in the market for domain registration.

Knowing these factors will make it easier to choose the best domain reseller in the country.

What do you understand by domain reseller?

Before we get to the best, let’s understand what domain reseller is. A domain reseller is a 3rd party service provider, who might not be accredited by ICANN but will help you with domain name registration. Even a reseller service works as great as a domain registration.

Top 10 domain reseller in 2020

We have got the list of top ten domain reseller company in India in 2020. This report was created by considering the features of the domain reseller services offered by these companies. The majority of the companies seem to have similar feature only with mild differences, making them the best in India

  1. HostGator
  2. BigRock
  3. SiteGround
  4. InMotion Hosting
  5. Reseller Club
  6. HostPapa
  7. HostingRaja
  8. Infosky Solutions
  9. GlobeHost
  10. Hiox India

Features of the top domain resellers in India:

All the above mentioned companies are considered among the top 10 in 2020 since they provide similar domain reseller services. The features that are focused here are-

1. Branding:

How good is the domain reseller service for branding of your website? Branding is essential in today’s world. This is a marketing strategy a domain reseller needs to meet if you want more customers for your website.

2. Bandwidth and storage:

Is your domain reseller company providing you with unlimited bandwidth? Having high storage space on the disk and bandwidth enables the resellers to perform better.

3. the backend support:

A good company will always provide you with 24×7 email technical support to their client for the entire span of their domain registration contract.

Best features found in the domain reseller companies:

We understand the 3 main features on focus when it comes to domain reseller. Hew we have the list of all the features that the best reseller needs-

  • Activation of the domain instantly is a must
  • 24×7 email support from the technical team
  • Great pricing and deals of the domain resellers services
  • Complimentary protection from thieving
  • 100% managed control panel for the domain
  • Branding effects of the domain

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