Things You Need to Know About Domain Name Registration in India

We frequently come across the term domain name registration whenever we plan to start a new website. 

What do you understand by a domain name? 

A domain name can be described as an identification for your website that allows it to operate as an autonomous administrative platform controlled by the Intenet. Various contexts related to networking, naming, or addressing a website requires domain support.

A domain name is nothing but the web address you get for your website in a simpler term. 

How much does a domain registration cost? 

If you are looking for cheap domain registration India, you need to look hard. There are many options around you. But you need to ensure that the domain provider gives high bandwidth service, customer support, and offers more than just a domain name.

Domain name registration is available in India, starting from INR 650/- per month. Renewal charge equivalent to the registration amount is often charged after a year of domain access. 

What if you can get it all for free? Hiring a web hosting service provider usually helps in achieving free domain names every year. However, at this point, it is worth mentioning that taking any random domain name doesn’t have the same impact as it would if you had a “.com” domain name for your website.

The .com or .in domains are always in demand and expensive. If you are hiring a domain registration support, see at what price they are offering the in-demand domains.

Why do you need a domain registration agent? 

There are thousands of domain registration agents in India. Each of them offers different plans for domain registration. But why do you need them for your website?

Firstly, we can’t ignore the benefit of saving time. When you have a professional handling your domain, you can concentrate more on your website and product, whereas the professional handles all the domain and hosting related problems. But there are more benefits to it-

  • Getting a professional, help you secure your domain as well as have access to web hosting, website development, and other services 
  • It is cost-effective to hire domain registrars local to you.
  • InRegistry and ICANN accredited domain registrars often offer top-level domain or TLD like .com or in at a meager cost. 
  • They help you in an easy domain transfer.
  • You get access to a control panel for future usage. 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Agents usually offer complete access to the website owners right from the registry time and provide one FREE Email account, at least.

A domain name is essential. Having a TLD leaves more impact on your website. If you have chosen the best domain registrar, they will offer you TLD at a low cost. 

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