The Important Rules And Procedures Of Domain Registration Process

By the important probabilities of self-regulation provided in Paragraph fifteen./A. of Act CVIII of 2001, the subsequent domain registration Rules and Procedures are established by the Scientific Association of Council of Hungarian Web Service suppliers so as to make sure the uniform order of the delegation, domain registration and maintenance of public domains below .hu, furthermore on safeguard the rights of registrants at the current Domain Registration Rules and Procedures are issued because the a part of written agreement system created within the subject material thence.

The following terms delineate in these Rules of domain registration India and its Procedures (hereinafter brought up as: Rules) shall have the subsequent meaning:

Importance Of Name In Domain Registration Process:

A technical symbol consisting of alphanumerical characters used 1st of all for being easier to recollect it rather than the net addresses indispensable for the net communication. Thus these domain name registration Rules and Procedures are applicable to domain names situated directly below the highest level domain of .hu or below any of the subordinated second level public domains within the web domain registration methods (e.g:, etc). Thus the internationalized domain names (IDN within the international terminology) are hold on in a very coded kind within the name servers.

Top Level Domain Required In Domain Registration:

The .hu domain delegated directly within the root of the net domain system.

Second Level Domain:

Domain delegated directly below the .hu higher level domain (e.g.

Importance Of Property Right In Domain Registration Process:

The .hu high level web domains furthermore because the second level web domains opened under that once needed wherever the delegation is performed by the register. This list of second level public domains is printed by the register on its web-server.

Domain Registration:

Recording the info necessary for the delegation within the applicable databases.

Granting the proper of victimisation the name conditionally:

Granting the proper to use the name applied for technically before the delegation.


Any of the service-providing organizations licensed by the register managing the affairs concerning cheapest domain registration, delegation and domain-maintenance at intervals a written agreement relationship with the client consistent to the free choice and assignment of the client applying for or victimisation of the domain.

Application Form:

A document requesting information and declarations from the domain provider or the person. It shall be signed or confirmed electronically by the Domain person or soul. The specimen copy of form is Associate in Nursing Annex to the principles Associate in Nursing forms an integral half thence.

Domain Applicant:

An entity or natural person having submitted Associate in Nursing application for deputation a selected domain. Just in case if the domain applied for is delegated to the Domain soul, the Domain soul can become a person.


Manager of public domains (safeguards, maintains and makes obtainable the info concerning the domains delegated below the general public domains).

Web Server:

A web location (e.g: of such public information as it is concerning the delegation and registration of public domains and is updated on an everyday basis.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum in Domain Registration:

A forum, freelance of the domain registering company and also the register, providing different dispute resolution services, asked by the register to proceed in step with the provisions commenced within the Rules and special procedural rules with relevancy applications concerning domain registration.

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