The Importance Of Mobile Optimization For Website Performance

If you want to order food online, which device do you prefer most? Desktop, Laptop or mobile?

The answer is obvious- a mobile device. It has been found that most of the user’s prefer to search over their mobile phone than on a laptop or desktop. Mobile users have significantly increased a lot. 

If you are a business owner and has switched to digital platform, make sure your website is mobile optimized. Mobile optimization has multiple benefits- It can drive your more traffic, boost up your sales and get ranking over SERPs. But all of these benefits can only be availed if your website is so designed. Consult with the web design and development team to get a website which is responsive i.e. mobile friendly. 

In this blog we will discuss about how the website performance is dependent on the mobile optimization

Website Performance- What Does That Mean?

To be very simple, a website performs well when it can convey the web content quickly to the viewers. It is the measure of time taken to deliver the site’s content. Few factors are used to measure this performance rate. They are the page loading speed, Requests per seconds, bounce rate, time to interact and conversion rates.

Importance Of Mobile Optimization

The Influence Of Mobile Optimization On Website Performance

when we are talking about performance of website, responsive website performs better. This is due to some of the causes. Here are they:

  • Improved Site Speed

Researches has shown that the website with optimized image, reduced file size has shown an enhance performance over the website’s speed. A website which is designed to meet the standards for being responsive automatically gets higher loading speed. 

And a faster loaded website gives a better user experience too. Overall, it creates a positive impression on the website’s performance. 

  • Reduces the Bounce Rate

Higher bounce rate shows that your visitors are going back after visiting the website quickly before navigating. That means they are not getting the content as preferred. It can be due to slower loading speed. 

But when a website is mobile optimized and boost up the speed, the bounce rate would also get reduced too. Hence, it creates a positive impact on the website performance.

  • Increased Interaction Time

When a user finds everything they want on your website quickly, then they would dwell on your website for longer time. Google mark such website where the dwell time is higher and rank them higher for better view. 


Overall, your mobile optimized website gives you a better SEO results too. higher ranking drives higher traffic and more visibility. Though most of the website’s designed these days are responsive, but still consult with the web design and development experts for such mobile optimization. InfoSky Solutions offers your business website to be mobile optimized that guarantees you the higher profit margin and better website ranking over SEO techniques too. Check us out for more details.

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