Starting a Bulk SMS Service Company in Bangalore

Every small or large business organization requires bulk SMS service to connect with their potential and existing customers in today’s world. It is currently one of the most preferred marketing tools in the corporate world, with a promising future for SMS service providers.

If you want to start a bulk SMS company Bangalore based, it is the right opportunity. 

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Are you wondering why? Let’s discuss more.

Why is starting a bulk SMS service company in Bangalore beneficial?

  1. The earning opportunity is high for your company when your customers’ required SMS volume is large.
  2. If strategically planned, bulk SMS service is the best business solution with high scalability.
  3. One can gain higher profit by handling a few effective customer accounts.
  4. Though the initial margin is less because of the high comparison, the business grows exponentially with time.

Bulk SMS service offers a great business model, and the number of successful service providers is also very high in the market. Once you understand the business operation, you can make a difference and compete in the market.

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Starting a bulk SMS service company

There are three different models of the bulk SMS service business. Each of them has a different starting procedure, and they are below.

1. Bulk SMS Service Provider:

  • Choose a software or SMS gateway that encodes your messages to suitable SMS data. Check the features offered by your vendor, price range, and purchase a suitable option.
  • Subscribe for web-hosting support from the top web hosting companies on their annual or monthly plans. Points to consider here are the size of the server, bandwidth, and its compatibility with your selected SMS gateway.
  • Upload your database on the web-host server by accessing the admin panel.
  • Install the SMS gateway application on your system for designing and sending messages.
  • The final step requires you to test the SMS gateway functionality. 

2. Bulk SMS Reseller:

  • Being a bulk SMS reseller requires starting the business alone with a business strategy.
  • Choose SMS gateway and web-hosting server
  • Hire programmers, developers, message designers, and writers to manage all work.

It is a time-consuming way to succeed. However, the process can ease when you start as an SMS service provider. There are benefits to becoming a reseller as well-

  • Chance of customized panel creation
  • Option to determine your own voice credit or SMS service rates
  • Application of a reseller web interface with HttpAPI
  • Get delivery report after each bulk SMS order.

3. Bulk SMS Aggregator:

A bulk SMS Aggregator is a channel partner that works with telecom operators. As an aggregator, you will be using SMS Gateway with SMPP for higher SMS speed. It requires a lower cost and time for setting up.


Now that you know your options in a bulk SMS business choosing your genre becomes easier. Understand your business requirements and accordingly start as a service provider, reseller, or aggregator. 

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