Some Amazing Facts and Statistics about Web Hosting

If you are running a wide range of businesses or carrying a plan to have one someday, then can you imagine it without web hosting? The basic concept of business is no longer accepted. You need to go online. It could be a simple website, a separate segment of your business or a blog site. Whatever the reason it is, you simply need web hosting to reach out to every number of consumers. Remember it is the key to your business. Infosky Solutions is an amazing web hosting company in Pune. Check the websites and get a brief idea about their services.

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Anyway, welcome to the blog my fellow readers. Today we will thoroughly discuss and explore the web hosting industry’s amazing facts and interesting statistics. Without any further delay, let’s get into the topic.

Let’s know the facts first,

  • Do you know, if you cover the whole world you will find more than 3, 30,000 web hosting providers? Now you can guess how difficult it is to choose one single and best web hosting company or agency for you.
  • According to web hosting company Pune and other studies, this service should grow by 18.3% each year till 2025. Such a huge expectation is quite fair enough after the Pandemic covid 19 happened.
  • worldwide there are around 21% of the United States host of all domains.
  • Mobile devices are amazing; in 2020 they will generate a total of 60% of online traffic among all.
  • Studies have shown that 34% of websites are made on WordPress as most people prefer to use this platform.

Let’s move on to those interesting statistics,

  • If you compare the United States with any other country, you’ll see that the US has hosted more than 102 million domains approximately. Do you know how possible? It is possible because most of the registered domains come from different and unknown places.
  • If you focus on China, they have only approximately 22,407,193 domains registered.
  • In 2019, shared web hosting have totally dominated the market, along with a revenue share of around 37.64%

Rolling Up

If you are running your own business with a web hosting service or have a plan to start very soon, then this blog will definitely increase your knowledge.

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