SMS Marketing Is a Vital Component of Mobile Marketing

SMS marketing entails sending short bursts of information to your target audience. With a 98% opening rate within 3 minutes, the information appears directly on your customer’s mobile screen. No other marketing tool has similar efficiency rates, making it the most desired tool among marketers. SMS marketing is essential for every intelligent digital marketer.

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Bulk SMS service provider in Vishakhapatnam, Infosky Solutions provides the following features:

1) Email Reminders

Customers today are constantly on the move. They require timely and dependable information from the firms with which they deal. Quick reminders can assist boost their opinion of your company.

2) SMS Promotion

Increase traffic to your online platforms by marketing new items and services via SMS. SMS marketing tactics that are effective might also increase sales.

3) Keep Customers Informed

Keep your loyal consumers up to date on the newest developments and make them feel valued.

Customer Relationships and Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS has an intriguing feature called ‘opt-ins.’ Opt-ins offer a specific brand permission to send promotional messages to clients.

Customers enjoy this option since it promotes your business in an unobtrusive manner. Invading communications without your customers’ permission will give them a negative opinion of your company. Opt-ins and opt-outs are excellent methods for avoiding disruptive texting.

Personalisation is another component of Bulk SMS that helps to develop client interactions. Your communications can be tailored to the individual. They can even be tailored to specific demographics. With any other marketing technique, achieving this level of customisation is an expensive business. However, with bulk SMS, it is possible to do so at a low cost.

Methodical Approach

With so much going on in the digital marketing world, target marketing is at an all-time high. Marketers cannot release promotional messages into the ether in the expectation that they will reach the intended audience.


As previously stated, bulk SMS is permission-based, thus everybody who gets the message will:

Having already established a relationship with your company and have accepted to receive promotional texts

These two facts show that these targets are existing customers who, with the help of clever analytics, can be converted into hot leads. Marketers can benefit from bulk SMS service by tailoring it to a specific customer’s behaviour and preferences.

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