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You want to have a domain and want to do domain registration. But you are not clear about the subject. May be you also do not have a proper idea of what a domain is. No need to worry. After reading this article the idea about Domain and domain registration will be very clear to you.

First of all let us clarify that internet understands IP address and it always look for IP address for locating the source. The IP address or Internet protocol is not exactly domain. IP address consists of numerical instructions. IP address takes you to the exact destination of the web page though the URL.

Domain name is located at the URL and it connects you to the IP address. It can be thought of a short or abbreviated name of the IP address. As already said IP address takes to the exact web page you are looking for. It is a navigator, a car, which is moving on the street defined by the URL for reaching to its ultimate building or web page you are looking for. You can register your domain with the help of a most trustworthy domain registering company among top ten domain registering company in Kolkata.

So, in short an URL consists of abbreviated name of www followed by a sub domain indicating the name of the website and further followed by top level domain or TLD. Here www stands as a sub domain followed by trial, the sub domain name, you have chosen for your website and the last extension indicates the top level domain. This total information is embedded in the URL which facilitates locating the Address clearly.

The Dilemma Of Registering A Domain

The domain needs to be registered for using it for website or for emailing, etc purposes. ICANN regulates the process of domain registration India. The process of registration should be done wisely.

There are lot of Domain Registers are available. You have to choose a suitable registrar for your domain name registration you simply have to pay the fee to use the web address of the registrar.

Also there are hosting companies of a website. These hosting companies provide you the space for keeping your files. You can register your domain in these webs site hosting companies also.

The decision of whether to select a website hosting company or a separate domain registrar for your cheapest domain registration has to be taken by you considering the pros and cons carefully.

The advantage of registering your domain in a hosting company is that you can register your domain and also keep your files here. Except your login information you don’t have to worry for anything. The host’s support team will work it for you.

However the problem is that if you decide to change your host company due to certain reasons, it will be very difficult for you to relocate your domain. On the other hand if you choose a separate domain and keep your files in another host company, linking your domain with the host company will give access to all your files and information. You can change your host at any time you wish, without changing your domain. Domain provider will provide you added security also if your website is hacked anytime. In that case you may lose your files, but your domain will be secured.

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