Private Label Bulk SMS Reseller Program And Solution

A reseller SMS solution offers all clients and visitors an immediate log in, in flexible, rapid and most cost-effective way. Private Label SMS reseller program is a prominent example for Private Label commodity or a service that is actually manufactured by one company and rebranded and marketed by other one. Presently, bulk sms reseller program is in craze as many new resellers are coming in bulk SMS business, without investing much of their time and offering new product and services by using it.

One of the plus point of the SMS reseller program is that the private label and the customer remain with the SMS reseller service provider only. Pricing figure is another benefit, wherein the SMS reseller buys the bulk SMS at a lower rate and sells them at a higher one.

How The system moves? :

To avail bulk SMS reseller program, one is provided with reseller assistance provider account accessing particulars and a domain brand pointed to their server IP to map his SMS Reseller account with the domain to allow him with reselling the SMS services globally.

The moment, he is eventually sets-up the Reseller services on the host’s platform, the reseller is given a branded Admin control panel and Website including various commodities and facilities that could be recommended by him to his customers which are Web SMS Login Panel, Excel Plugin, Desktop SMS and HTTP API that helps him to send SMS anywhere in the world using internet. The admin login panel is provided to the reseller after the set-up is successful with reseller service provider on their gateway that allows the reseller to control and manage the SMS platform on his account.

All his client’s information are become visible in his account. With bulk sms reseller in India assistance provider Server integration for admit through internet or any other medium reseller service provider sends SMS to each of the client.


Major advantages:

The reseller enjoys the following major benefits:

  • Own SMS website and Brand Name
  • Making own Channel Partners or Reseller to increase market share
  • Gives own service offerings
  • Fully-customizable GUI that displays the reseller’s logo, company name, contact information etc.
  • Web based interface, accessible from anywhere
  • Fixing own price
  • Customer Specific Statistics
  • Platform utilized report
  • Authentic trade-Grade rostrum
  • Recurring Income And Revenue

The reseller can make Inquiry up more to understand how this type of program can help him in his business in precise and how this cost potent approach can provide instant ROI. Any company, in its private label services may add Value Added Services like SMS, Email, Autodial & eFax in such a way that a bulk sms reseller in Kolkata can re-brand and resell the services with his own service offerings and own branded website and marque name. This guides reseller in distributing bulk message to their targeted customers and build up profitable customer relationship.

There are technology enabler for chargeable account (e.g. message, mail, fax, automatic dialing, etc) in linking/Transmission industry by focusing himself as a case of constant services applying current, viable & scalable software’s technologies and solutions. They offer a rare bunch of band aids for barter users, SMS Resellers and SMS Whole Sellers.

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