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Internet is having a rapid growth in recent times. The craze for creating and purchasing domains, rush for domain name registration, eager search for options for Web site Designing, all are happening. The demand for domain name and top level domain has been so high in recent times, that Internet is facing a shortage of IP address. The Address pool for IP address is getting depleted rapidly.

You must be aware that Domain name indicates the IP address. IP address which is numerical gets embedded or hidden in the Domain Name. The DNS servers decipher the IP address. The whole internet is run by IP address and without this IP address, it is not possible to identify the exact location of the web page. Without proper IP address, the naming of a domain and domain registration is not possible.

The Advent Of Ipv6:

To tackle with the shortage of IP address, IPv6 has been developed. This has been done in order to increase the number of IP addresses. ICAAN the apex body has been assigning different domain registering company for registering Top level Domain and monitoring all activities related to Domain.

Search Engine Friendly Domain Name:

As newer technologies are growing every day, the digital media is also developing at a very fast pace. Websites are being generated everyday in huge numbers. The style is changing and newer and simpler ways are being sought to develop the websites.

The rush for domain name registration services is also simultaneously increasing for the same reason. To acquire a good domain name having a good top level domain, you need to be aware of the procedure in details.

Having a good TLD will help you to make your domain liked by search engines and p your webpage will be given preference for location when you search with keywords in the search engine. You may do some work to find out which keywords are preferred by famous search engines like Google, bing or yahoo, etc.

The Procedure:

The procedure for domain registration India is simple. You need to register your chosen domain name with a registrar for domain. For this you need to put a request to the domain registrar and submit a few information.

  1. Your preferred domain name

  2. The registrant’s contact details, like contact number, email address, mailing and permanent address, etc.

  3. You have to select the term for your domain for domain registration.

  4. The details of payment mode and information should also be submitted.

Once the request for Domain Registration has been filed with the domain provider, it will be the responsibility of the registrar to initiate further process for your domain registration.

The registrar will send the details submitted by you to the registry. The registry is a master database for all domain names registered with a top level domain. This registry is governed by ICAAN. It is the responsibility of the operators of registry to maintain the database for each Top level Domain.

The responsibility of the operators of registry is that it accepts the request for cheapest domain registration, checks all the details furnishes and decides for final approval of the registration. A domain registration process can be considered to have completed once all the information submitted by the registrant are updated by Registry and clearance for registration is given.

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