Linux VPS Hosting – Equipped With Friendly Features for Hosting

When it is all about obtaining web hosting with full security but at an affordable plan, VPS hosting comes at the top of the row. VPS is defined as a Virtual Private Server and it utilizes virtualization technology to offer private or dedicated resources on a web server with more than one user. In short, VPS hosting offers web hosting that apes dedicated hosting server settings in the shared but private server. It costs low compared to dedicated server hosting but offers comparably reliable, secure, and better performance than any shared hosting.

VPS Hosting – Windows or Linux?

It is confirmed that VPS hosting is better than shared hosting in various means; from reliability to technical support. But, which VPS hosting is better for your business – Windows VPS hosting or Linux VPS hosting? If you find it tricky to choose the best VPS hosting for you between Linux and Windows then let the comparison help you to choose the best one for you.

  1. Budget: For a startup to medium-sized businesses Linux VPS hosting server comes up with affordability.
  2. Open-Source OS: Linux is an open-source server OS and it is completely free to use. Hence, Linux VPS hosting provider charges less compared to Windows VPS hosting.
  3. License Requisition: Windows operating system is a commercial system and requires licensing fee to use as OS. Akin to OS, Windows VPS hosting needs specialized features to go on and it costs higher for users. But, the case is the opposite for Linux VPS hosting. It is cheap and suits the budget for businesses that want web hosting with privacy at inexpensiveness.  
  4. Technical Part: If your system is built in ASP or ASP.NET then you can easily run Windows VPS hosting. It is good for the businesses that run on Microsoft programs. But, Linux is an open-source OS and it comes up with a plethora of distribution options.
  5. Security: Linux offers tough to invade security features that Windows cannot. Being open-source software, Linux gets updated with regular security patches and these patches make the server more resistant to viruses, malware, and spyware that Windows server cannot.

Thus far, the above-mentioned points certainly indicate that Linux VPS hosting is far more adaptable for businesses with low budget but high-security necessity.

To Wrap it Up,

Last but not the least; count on a top Linux VPS hosting provider to avail the consistent technical support with server management, daily remote backup, and software installation taking account of your needs.

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