Linux Or Windows- Which Dedicated Server Is Good One?

Many talk about the dedicated server which is easier to work with than any other server option. When you got the dedicated server you will be given two types of such server-windows dedicated server and the Linux dedicated server. These are the two most common operating system and people often use them for their advantages.

But when it is all about choosing between these two, we gets confused. Both are good and have their own types of advantages. Today we will be informing you about the Linux dedicated server and why we should opt for it.

Advantages of the Linux dedicated server

Foremost reason to opt for this one is the cheap price of the server. Linux is considered the most affordable operating system on the web. Also the installing process is also quite cheap that can saves a lot of bucks. On other hand the windows is a expensive option that need a bit of investment higher than Linux to install and run the server. So the cost effective preference is the Linux dedicated server. Linux dedicated server price in Kolkata is available at an impressive cost effective price.

Linux is an open source system which is also easy to run and install. With a basic technical knowledge you can easily operate application in this server and hence much more user friendly too. It is also easier to learn the basic technical things about the server.

The most important aspect about this dedicated server option is its stability. Compared to the windows servers, Linux experience lesser crash down and offers you higher speed too. Most processes runs much faster than those on windows.

Both of them are completely different operating systems which are known for different reasons. Web designers opt for Linux since you get more features available with it. Unless you need to run windows dedicated applications, Linux can be a good choice for your servers.

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