Learn The Process Involved In Web Hosting

Before delving into the subject of web hosting in details, it is important to clarify a few areas about this important topic. The business of web hosting services has taken a boom particularly in this digital age. For doing this business successfully, it is absolutely important to clear the fundamentals.

Literal meaning of a host is the organizer who organised an event. A web host means a provider of service and technologies required for developing a webpage or website. Web Hosting India has become a popular business as people want to start launching web pages without getting involved in the hassles involved in the process.

For building a website, the basic is to have a domain name. People can approach a web hosting company with their domain names. However the hosting companies also offer to provide people with domain names, in case they do not have the same.

The hosting company also provides the space for keeping files of the customers’ website through a server. Servers are special type of computers. When a visitor searches for a website, he types the url of the website in to the browser. Through this server, the website gets available to the visitor.

There are several options available for web hosting. One needs to be clear about the options before deciding for signing up a particular service of hosting. The options may be deliberated as follows:

Free Website Hosting:

It is a very good option to get a free website hosting opportunity. But it is only suitable if the website is not meant for critical operations. If the website is built for casual operations then there is no problem.

However, there a few drawbacks in free hosting service. The connectivity often gets interrupted and the speed is also slow. Lot of unwanted advertisements will be loaded and the website may not load properly several times.

Many a times, it is required to purchase domain names for getting free website hosting Facility. Sometimes host companies may offer your sub domain names having the ownership of the main domain name. It is difficult to transfer these domains as per your choice, if you feel to do so at any point of time.

Shared Website Hosting:

As the name implies, in this case, the server of the linux web hosting is shared by more than one website owner. Though these services are very affordable, the application software and the server hardware is shared, making it very cost effective for the web hosting company. But the negative side is the speed of connectivity gets lowered.

Dedicated Website Hosting:

Here the customer is in total control of the server of the web hosting company. Website operation automatically gets faster. However the cost of operation also has to be borne by the customer, and therefore it is a costly option. This type of service may be chosen for those websites which need high security, or lot of resources for operating the system.

Collocated Web Hosting:

Here, a customer purchases his own server and then house the server at the facilities provided by the web host. He can choose the applications he needs and can install whatever scripts he wants. This type of websites are very fast and gives the customer total freedom of operation. However it is costly to select this option.

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