Know what you are buying from your Web Hosting provider

When you are planning to select a Web Hosting service, it is most likely you will be approached by several hosting services with lot of offers. Each hosting company will try to impress you with their offers. Some may come up offering you very cheap hosting services enticing you to select the same. They may try to impress you by saying the futility of opting for costly web hosting plan. Some may come up with a list of flashy offer having quite uncommon technical jargons in it and you may get impressed by thinking that you will own such a prestigious and powerful Web Hosting facility.

These people may try to extract lot of money by way of fees and will try to prove their point by saying the useless of owning a cheap Web Hosting service. The service provider takes advantage of the little knowledge of the customers to push their products by innovative marketing techniques. Therefore it is very important to know what you can buy and what not from a web hosting providers and for this it is also important for you to know the meaning of different terms.

Know about a Server:

The main cost for Web Hosting is the server. Servers are nothing but very powerful computer which can store lot of data and can process the data continuously without stoppage. A best web hosting company can provide a very powerful as well as fast server which will help you load your Website very fast much to the satisfaction of your customers.

The role of Data Centre:

The cost of Data Centre is included in the package. A Data centre is a location usually a large building which keeps thousands of servers in it. The operation of servers should be done in a sufficiently controlled air conditioned atmosphere and the HVAC system is employed here. The cost of utility mainly in the form of electricity is very high. The maintenance of Data Centre is very important for the effective performance of the web hosting servers.

Check what Software provided for your offer:

While much software provided by the top web hosting company are available in open source, the much sought out software like Windows is proprietary and a valid license must be obtained for it, making it much more costly. It is recommended that you should insist on Windows hosting only.

The connection provided for internet:

 The Web Hosting companies need to source the internet connectivity from the Internet service provider. Since, it is not like the internet connection used in the home where you are running only your computer, which is not having much load, a top ten web hosting company need to purchase a very high band, powerful and fast internet connection from the service provider. This is all the more important because a Web Hosting company will operate with several servers and some of the servers will have shared hosting plan.

Check what support you will get:

 This is one of the most important aspects to consider. Check whether you will get a 24×7 support from the Linux web hosting company. Many times for a shared Web Hosting, the support provided is poor as due to lot of customers, the service provider do not paid heed to any complain from customers immediately and also they select the terms in the agreement in such a deceitful way, that you won’t be able to relocate your host easily.

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