Know The Limitations Of a Free Web Hosting Service?

You may feel that free web hosting services are the worst and disgusting, but let me tell you that a free web hosting service is everything for a beginner. When someone dreams of a business, you must need a web hosting service these days and for you, a free hosting service is the ultimate. It gives all the benefits you need to run your online business but will have limited benefits. Once you are established enough, you can upgrade it into a better hosting service. Infosky Solutions provides you the most affordable and suitable web hosting service in Noida, which can serve you free web hosting to a most upgraded one.

Here are the limitations given below,

  1. Limited Customer Support:-

Getting full- time support from a well- known company is also next to impossible, when you go for a free web hosting service. When you take such a service from that particular company, they may promise you initially to provide you with customer support for 24*7, but mostly they fail to keep that promise. Fortunately, there is a web hosting service in Noida. Close your eyes and take their services, as they never cheat.

  • Constant Advertisements:-

You may feel that these ads are quite disgusting. Whenever you click on something, an ad pops up. You can consider it as one of the drawbacks of free web hosting. But the fact is quite justified. When a company is providing you with complete free hosting, they need to take money from somewhere, right? That’s why there are those ads. Your web hosting company makes money from those ads when they need to pay for the equipment space to serve you a complete free service. If you feel that tolerating these advertisements is not your cup of tea then you should immediately shift in to other types of web hosting service, but remember you need to pay for those services accordingly.

  • Features Are Very Limited :-

We think with a free web hosting service, getting limited facilities is quite justified. The speed may be low, you may get fewer pages and also the company may give you less storage. But as a start-up option, that is enough for you. Once your business starts to grow up you can upgrade your services.


When you go for a free hosting, keep these things in your mind and prepare yourself to adjust to these little limitations.

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