Know About The 5 Different Types Of API

An API is basically an application programming interface. Simply, it helps to make conversation between two or more computers. If you start looking for a bulk SMS service in Vishakhapatnam, there you will also get that API service providers, just like our company Infosky Solution does. Before you tie up with us, you can check our reviews, as we have efficiently working in this industry for more than 12 years.

For today’s generation of the business API is a crucial thing to understand. And having a little idea about the different types of API will help you to grow your business. That’s why here we will represent a brief detail about all the types of API. Have a loon on it,

  • Open API:-

You can also call the open API as a public API or an external API. It can be used publically by software developers. This type of API is shared freely on the internet, which gives consumers universal access.

  • Web API:-

The Web API is basically used to communicate with the browser, just like Mozzila’s web API. You can access this API using HTTP protocols. Come and use Infosky Solution’s bulk SMS service in Vishakhapatnam to avail the best services.

  • Partner API:-

This type of API service is somehow similar to the Open API. But with an open API, you have restricted access, you can’t have access to the entire system. These are naturally controlled by third party API gateway and are mostly intended to solve a particular purpose.

  • Internal API:-

An internal API is used inside a company for personal purposes. It is the completely opposite type of an open or external API, as the internal API is always restricted and hidden from the open API. Just to ensure security. In an organization, different teams and departments can use this type of API to have access to each other’s data, tools and other things.

  • Composite API:-

It is a completely different type of API that is specially designed to give response to a chain of calls. You can get field value in a single request by updating that record.

Closing View

As I already mentioned, API can be a vital part of any business. You just need to know the important things and find the best service provider. Come to Infosky Solutions and start using all our services to experience the best quality.

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